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Calvin Johnson made the right decision

By James Paxson, Sports Editor
The life of a professional football player has a lot of ups, but unfortunately there are an abundance of downs that can make a person have enough. Calvin Johnson is now in the history books as the best wide receiver to put on a Detroit Lion’s uniform.  He has set numerous records such as having the most receiving yards since entering the league in 2007. This has made Detroit fans adore him and opposing teams fear him, this is why it is okay that Johnson has decided to retire. Johnson has the record for the most receiving yards in a three year time span with having 5,137 yards from the year of 2011 to 2013.  He put the Motor City on his back throughout his nine-year career and it has been enough. He is allowed to hang up his cleats and enjoy the rest of his life.

Calvin Johnson
Calvin Johnson made the right decision retiring from the Detroit Lions on his own terms instead of due to injury. (image from

Johnson played college football for the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets from 2004 to 2006. He was asked to play football and basketball, but his mother forced him to pick one and Johnson always had a love for the sport of football. In his freshman year Johnson led the team with seven touchdowns, 48 catches and 837 receiving yards. As a college freshman he made his mark as a skilled receiver who was not only an incredible catcher, but also someone with amazing speed off the line, beating all defenses.
With the success of his first three seasons in college, Johnson declared himself eligible for the NFL draft and was picked second overall and first for the Detroit Lions in 2007. He came out of the draft as arguably the best athlete of that draft class and was compared to legends like Randy Moss, Jerry Rice and Michael Irvin.
Johnson’s career numbers show he is the best receiver to ever play in the National Football League. In 2012 he broke Jerry Rice’s single season receiving yards record with 1,964 yards in a single season. He made the pro bowl a total of seven times and has set many franchise records that will not be broken for a long while.
Many Lions fans have decided to ridicule Johnson for his decision to walk away from the game at the age of 30. National Football league players have been under a lot of pressure and get injured on a daily basis, retiring early is the only way for some of these players to live an enjoyable life after the game.
Marshawn Lynch, B.J Raji and many other players have retired from their career at a young age due to injuries. Calvin Johnson has received injuries to his back, ankle, arm, hand and leg, all of which still bother him to this day and have held him to limited practice the last few seasons.
Johnson just got engaged to his longtime girlfriend and wants to pursue a separate life besides playing football. Johnson ranks third on the all-time receiving yards list behind Torry Holt and Jerry Rice. Holt played for 11 seasons and Rice who is first on the list played for 20 seasons.  Calvin Johnson would have beaten both Holt and Rice if he continued to play football, but he already made his mark and wants to leave the game on a good note. He made the correct decision and will not regret it when he is happily walking away from the game instead of hobbling off the field.