The Human Vegetable

People are suffering from lack of motivation

By Maddie Darling, Editorial Intern
Everyone has at some point felt the dire urge to do absolutely nothing. Feeling unmotivated can easily take control of one’s life and often it becomes an inconvenience. Sometimes, the direct effect of laziness can make the easiest and most pleasurable pastimes a daunting task. But why do people feel this way? One can easily be transformed to the human vegetable state that stops one from completing normal everyday tasks, being burdened with laziness and extreme procrastination.

human vegetable
People need to get off the couch and get moving to prevent becoming a
human vegetable. (image from

The only way to ever complete any task is to go about it with both a sense of enjoyment as well as motivation. According to, motivation is defined as the inner drive that pushes one to do something. But what happens when every last bit of motivation seems completely drained and the only thing that sounds enticing is becoming a couch potato? There are multiple reasons that can explain this feeling. According to, some examples include: stress, depression, fear of failure, lack of interest, or procrastination. These are common reasons for lack of motivation and can have a heavy effect on an individual. Often times, when there are no rewards or the goals seem too large, those are even more reasons to not want to work towards something. It can be very hard for one to overcome one’s worst traits and sometimes the thought of change makes one want to further prolong his or hers responsibilities. Even though completing normal activities might not sound like fun at the time, the feeling of becoming a useless human vegetable ends up feeling a lot worse.
Students are more likely faced with this condition. Students are required to maintain a busy class schedule and possibly work on the side. With keeping up with the stresses of the classroom and lack of sleep from studying or work, they end up getting burnt out. Completely out of energy or the motivation to become productive, students often resort to napping or just being lazy to compensate for all the stresses they have been dealing with. This is a normal part of being a student. According to, there are many solutions to overcoming this condition.  Some examples are remembering why something must be done and thinking of how great it will feel once it is finished. Find things that are motivating while working, such as listening to music. Attitude changes can help, if one is feeling glum, notice this and then think happy thoughts and avoid the effects of feeling down. More sleep, eating healthy and exercise will help with feeling mentally and physically better as well, thus creating a physique much more prepared for getting work done.
Feeling unmotivated is normal, but once it becomes a routine then it is a problem. When people start putting off their work not only are they setting themselves back, but also the people around them. It is hard to overcome laziness and complete tasks that are not desirable, but it is still important to follow through with. Most people value hard work and having the reputation of a slacker, or a human vegetable, is not a good quality associated with. Just remember to understand why this feeling is happening and try to do new things to change the bad habit before it causes failure.