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Schoolcraft to become smoke and tobacco free campus
According to the Americans for Nonsmokers’ Rights, There are at least 1,483 100% smoke-free campuses in America. Of these, 1,137 are 100% tobacco free. As of August 1, 2016, Schoolcraft College will be included in this as well as the school adopts its new smoke free campus.
“The purpose of this campaign is to protect the health and safety of our students, employees and visitors, while creating a clean campus environment,” said Brenda K. Leavens, Director of Business Services & Risk Management at Schoolcraft College.
This campaign will help build a diverse smoke and tobacco free campus by not only finding individuals who will be affected by this policy but who will also help create and support the smoke and tobacco free campus initiative. The objective of this initiative will include identifying a leadership team to headstrong the project, developing an action plan to implement the idea on such a large scale, identifying team responsibilities to make sure the goal of a smoke free campus is reached, preparing the campus for the new policy and ensuring compliance and enforcement of the policies. This strategy will help organize and guide the campaign members in their overall goals. Representatives will include people related to the school’s administration, athletics, campus police, faculty, human resources, staff and students in order to make the smoke free initiative is understandable, relatable and attainable.
Aside from developing a plan for action, they will also gather data through classroom and departmental surveys as well as gather information regarding other college campuses. In an effort to promote a safe campus, the team will advance and support Schoolcraft’s new policy. The new policy soon to be implemented specifically states, “Use of all tobacco products and electronic cigarettes is prohibited in all campus buildings, sidewalks, building entrances, common areas, and college owned vehicles, with the exception of use in private vehicles. The college will follow federal law regarding the use of medical marijuana.” This policy will go through a few phases, but it will create a much healthier campus for all.
The first necessary phase has been accomplished; the new policy has been approved; now it will need to be implemented. Implementation will include hanging proper signage across campus and utilizing social media to spread the word while providing education and awareness about the policy as well as promoting programs that will support the campus community who uses tobacco products. Finally, the last phase includes enforcement. It is a responsibility of all Schoolcraft staff and students to help enforce the smoke free policy. Students, employees and visitors are expected to comply with the smoke and tobacco free environment. Persons who repeatedly disregard this policy will be subject to the appropriate disciplinary actions.
“It’s very bizarre having to see people smoke all around our campus,” said Schoolcraft Computer Engineering major Brandon Micallef. “It’s a relief knowing I won’t have to worry about it anymore.”
In an effort to help improve the health and well-being of all people who step foot on campus, Schoolcraft is pleased to implement its upcoming changes. Implementing this initiative will not only improve the health of the school, but possibly bring the school closer to a world where tobacco related illness is uncommon.