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Bullying in any form is not ok
By The Schoolcraft
Connection Editorial Staff
The definition of cyber bullying is the use of electronic communication to bully a person, typically by sending messages of an intimidating nature. In the ever changing age of technology, this form of bullying is becoming more and more pronounced, but bullying of any form is never okay.
Cyber bullying or bullying of any kind can have an immensely destructive impact on one’s emotional and psychological well being. According to, bullying can cause one to have anxiety, depression, loneliness, feel unhappiness and can lead to poor sleep and exhaustion. Victims of any age may not feel that they can conceal the fact that bullying is occurring to someone else or want to ignore the problem. Those that face bullying can appear to be less confident and act more anxious, heightened levels of anger may also be seen due to the immense stress put on the individual from these scenarios. Overall, bullying can cause one to withdraw from the activities or social experiences they enjoy due to the harassment and attacks they have faced from others on social media or in person.
People do not realize how much of an issue cyber bullying is, it is not something that can just be turned off by shutting down a computer or blocking a number in a cell phone. According to over 50 percent of teens have been victims of cyber bullying and the other 50 percent have engaged in cyber bullying. Not only that but also one in three teens have experienced cyber threats online. The website also states that one in five instances of cyber bullying have been reported to law enforcement. If this was not bad enough states that suicide is the third leading cause of death and bullying victims are seven to nine percent more likely to commit suicide.
Cyber bullying is a newer form of bullying that is easier to commit due to the mass amounts of social media present today. It also has a lot of ramifications that committers may not realize while committing the crime. For example Schools and workplaces are required to provide a safe environment for their students or employees. Employers may have to let an employee go due to bullying. A school might punish a student for online behavior that is making it hard for other students to learn in a safe environment. Students can end up getting suspended or expelled from school. They also could go to jail, depending on how severe the situation is. A person is responsible for any consequences that he or she might reasonably have guessed would happen. Cyber bullying even though often overlooked, is a crime that if gone too far can end in death.
No single factor can put a person at risk for bullying of any kind. Some are more at risk for bullying such as members of the LGBT+ community, socially isolated youth and those with disabilities. According to girls are about twice as likely to be victims and perpetrators of cyber bullying than boys, but there are no guidelines to who a victim may be. The main difference between cyber bullying and in person bullying is that there is no true escape from cyber bullying.
Several ways to prevent cyber bullying are to educate oneself, report any suspicious activity that may be seen online and most importantly do not be a cyber bully. Ways to help put a stop to a situation is to directly tell the person to stop in a manner that is not a form of retaliation or responding to their actions. Reaching out for help from another adult or other is always a way to have support during the situation as well as having a third party help to deal with the bully.
It is important for people to think of the consequences their actions may have before they say or do something. Harming someone else, either mentally or physically is not okay; it is time