Marriage equality for all

Chris Skarnulis
Arts and Entertainment Editor
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It’s time to legalize polygamy
Cheating on one’s spouse and divorcing the spouse of ones’ children are both common and legal in the United States, however having two relationships at one time is heavily frowned upon. With the recent legalization of gay marriage throughout the United States, it is clear that times are changing, and normal family practices such as polygamy should follow suit. Polygamy and its forms should be legalized throughout the United States.
The history of polygamy dates back to ancient times, and has been practiced for many centuries by cultures from all over the world. The Hebrew society has partially accepted polygamy and there are traces that say that it happened in classical China too. Polygamy was also encountered sporadically with the Native Americans, in the West African continent, Polynesia, India and ancient Greece. Polygamy was widely accepted throughout the world until the Roman Empire and the Roman Catholic Church imposed the rules of having just one wife, regardless that having multiple lovers was the norm.
Polygamy comes in three known forms: polygyny (a man has more than two wives at the same time), polyandry (a woman having more than one husband) and group marriages (a family made out of multiple husbands and wives at the same time.) All three forms, though unusual are natural in the animal world. Group marriages have their benefits; children and parents are exposed to several different types of people and may see their personalities and social skills flourish. Though they are unorthodox methods of raising a family, it could be highly beneficial for the healthy growth of the family. By living with a series of different individuals, all with different personalities and ways of thinking, people can learn to accept a more wide array of thinking.
Today, the act of Polygamy is practiced by the Mormon religion and the practice is done illegally. According to, an estimate of over 100,000 people in the monogamous United States of America are practicing polygamy secretly and illegally.
Who are we, as Americans, to say what is and is not a “family”? There is no law that requires a family to be raised a certain way. Regardless of one’s upbringing and current residence, the definition of “marriage” will forever have several different meanings whether it be on the basis of religion or parental influence. It’s common knowledge that in today’s society people will find a way to judge an individual on the grounds of race, gender, or ethnicity. When the idea of polygamy, is brought to question, there will be those that see the flaw in the legalization of it, but why judge one who chooses to live a lifestyle apart from the norm?
I, myself am not one to let my views on social issues be influenced by law-binding documents significant to the United States, but I feel it’s appropriate to reference The Constitution. The First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America requires that freedom of lifestyle choice not be infringed upon by the Federal Government. Polygamy is a lifestyle choice. If a polygamous marriage is pursuing the “pursuit of happiness,” why stop a couple from achieving that? The rights of the individuals partaking in a polygamous marriage are violated, denying them the right to raise their family the way they intend to.
With the passing of time comes a change in times too. Although not widely accepted, polygamous marriages has its advantages. I’ve said it before in past columns and I’ll say it again: Polygamy will occur regardless of its legalization, so why not let individuals raise their family their own way, on the grounds of freedom.