The Girls are back in town

“The Powerpuff Girls” return in an all new series
By Colin Hickson
Staff Writer
powerpuff girls
Hey, remember the Powerpuff Girls? Those cute little girls with Superman level strength, laser eyes, and multiple other powers? If not, here is a crash course in their history: created by Craig McCracken (“Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends”, “Wander Over Yonder”), the Powerpuff Girls spun-off from “What A Cartoon! “, a sort of predecessor to Nickelodeon’s “Oh Yeah! Cartoons”, where short cartoons were aired. Created by Professor Utonium (Tom Kane) with sugar, spice, and everything nice, plus the accidental addition of Chemical X, Blossom (Cathy Cavadini in the original, Amanda Leighton here), Bubbles (Tara Strong previously, Kristen Li currently), and Buttercup (Elizabeth Daily previously, Natalie Palamides currently) use their superpowers to protect the city of Townsville from all manners of evil. Much like the other top female oriented action shows of the 90’s, “Xena: Warrior Princess” and “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”, “the Powerpuff Girls” managed to appeal to both genders, and still has a loyal fan base to this day.
Like any reboot or revival of a classic, there are bound to be ups and downs, but the biggest gripe most fans have is the recasting of the main characters, despite other cast members coming back. Thankfully, Amanda Leighton does sound a bit like Cathy Cavaidini at times, and Buttercup’s new surfer style voice does take some getting used to, but it can be agreed that Kristen Li is no Tara Strong when it comes to voicing Bubbles, as Li does not even seem to trying to imitate Strong’s voice, but could get better as the show progresses. There are also some implications that original series may have happened, as the girls already known Princess Morbucks, and Pokey Oaks Kindergarten pops up, but whether or not this is case might he addressed soon.
As for the show itself, while it is nowhere near as good as the original, it is not outright horrible. The animation does look a bit similar to McCracken’s style, but also has an identity all its’ own, which any reboot should do. Plus, while the humor might not be for everyone, it is not as lowbrow as “Uncle Grandpa” or “Teen Titans Go!” or as annoying as “Ultimate Spider-Man”, and helps the show continue to forge its’ own identity. Plus, the girls’ personalities are kept intact, with some noticeable changes made, like Blossom being a germophobe, and new villains are added to the show’s rogues gallery (the girls can only fight Mojo Jojo and Him so many times).
As stated before, this show might not be for everyone, but in an era of “Teen Titans Go!” and “Ultimate Spider-Man”, this show can remind viewers how heroes are supposed to act. “The Powerpuff Girls” was not just about superheroes, but also little girls, and the girls actually did act like real kids. Plus with shows like “Supergirl” and ‘Jessica Jones” giving female superheroes from established companies a shot, “The Powerpuff Girls” are welcome to the mix. So for those who want to see the new series for themselves, check out “the Powerpuff Girls” on Cartoon Network.