Entertaining the crowd


Schoolcraft Theatre Department to offer Double Bill performances


The Schoolcraft Theatre Department has a history of presenting a variety of productions that leave audiences wanting more. Students, staff, faculty and community members anticipate attending the awe-inspiring performances Schoolcraft puts on each year.
This year is no exception.
For the upcoming fall semester, the Theatre Department will be hosting one production consisting of a Double Bill performance of Edward J. Moore’s “The Sea Horse” and Lucille Fletcher’s “Sorry Wrong Number.”

The Sea Horse

“The Sea Horse” is complex love story taking place in a waterfront bar where a seaman, Harry Bales, is induced in a physical relationship with the bar’s owner Gertrude Blum. Recently divorced Gertrude keeps her feelings hidden from Harry throughout their estranged relationship, causing a stir as Harry tries to reveal to her that he has a plan involving raising a family and owning his own business.

Sorry Wrong Number

Anatole Litvak’s “Sorry Wrong Number” will be the second show featured in Schoolcraft’s Double Bill production.


“Sorry Wrong Number” is a heart pounding thriller set around Mrs. Elbert Stevenson. After being confined to her bed for years to anxiety issues, Mrs. Stevenson tries to call her husband who has been working late. However, when the operator patches Mrs. Stevenson through, instead of her husband’s soothing voice, she overhears two mysterious men planning what sounds like a murder. From here Mrs. Stevenson engages in a game of cat and mouse with the Police Department as she believes she is the target for the alleged criminals.
Tickets for the performances are on sale now at the Schoolcraft College Bookstore or by calling the Bookstore at 734-462-4596. Tickets for the Theatre performance only are $15, and the Dinner Theatre performances are $27. Dinner theatre tickets need to be purchased in advance and due to their demand and reputation have the history of selling out quickly.


For anyone possibly wanting to attend auditions for these shows, the auditions will be held on September 13 and September 14 at 7:00pm in the Liberal Arts building. Students who attend Schoolcraft are not the only ones allowed to audition; the auditions are open to the public and are encouraged. For anyone looking for more information about auditions, they can stop by Dr. James R. Hartman’s office in the Liberal Arts building LA443 or call 734-462-4435.