Schoolcraft now offering university advising

Schoolcraft now offering university advising

Appointments with four-year colleges available on campus

Written by Quinn Storm, News Editor

Four-year college advising debuted on Sept. 12 at Schoolcraft and it’s making it even easier for students to transfer into a university. This differs from the traditional university visits, where colleges set up a table outside of Henry’s, in that students will be able to walk in to visit one-on-one with a representative from a designated college. Each university will schedule a day to come and meet with students and talk to them about any questions that they may have on the matter.
This was mainly created out of convenience for students, and it makes it simple for students to receive information and answers to questions they have from a very reliable source, instead of panicking about transferring options

Students can now speak to representatives from four-year colleges on campus and answer questions on a one on one basis. (IMAGE FROM COLORADO.EDU)

“It’s nice to have more options of people to talk to about questions that most students have,” said, business student Oliver Garland.
This hassle free way of contacting schools is less nerve wracking than walking up to a table in a crowded dining hall, which may be a reason some students choose not to talk to the colleges that visit. Another reason may be timing and convenience, which makes this advising method great because students can fit their meetings into their schedule. This will give students the chance to ask about course transferability, degree requirements, articulation agreements, housing opportunities, scholarships, transportation, or anything else they want to know about the college or university.
During this fall semester, the current selection of representatives that are scheduled to come are from colleges that most students pick as their top choices of transferring into. These colleges include: Central Michigan, Eastern Michigan, Oakland University, Rochester College, University of DetroitMercy, University of Michigan- Dearborn, University of Michigan- College of Literature, Science and the Arts and University of Michigan- Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning. These advising days are expected to continue through both the fall and winter semester, and these colleges and universities meet in room MC 175.
“A large percentage of Schoolcraft students are here to complete their general education courses with the Michigan Transfer Agreement or prerequisite courses they need before transferring. We save them money and get them ready to succeed academically and now we make it very convenient to learn more about moving on for their bachelor’s degree,” says Carol Dwyer, the Transfer Coordinator/ Senior Academic Advisor of Schoolcraft College.
Many students would ask, why is this just now being implemented, or why weren’t the booths enough of a source for students who want to transfer out? Overall, Schoolcraft is always working to give services to students that are more convenient and helpful. Because it is only a two-year institution, many students plan on moving on after their associate’s degree.
“I’ve been wanting to add this service for many years, but it wasn’t until the Advising and Partnerships office was remodeled last year, and we now have the space. The feedback from the students and our university partners has been very positive so far,” says Laurie Kattuah-Snyder, Associate Dean of Advising and Partnerships, on why this is now being implemented as a function into the college.
Four year university advising is already being met with open arms by students and is proving to be very helpful to those who have questions or concerns. The amount of connections students are able to get from this and the more open scheduling for students is placing convenience first, which is a huge plus. Overall, four year academic advising is expected to be much more effective than anything Schoolcraft has offered before.