Changing of colors


The joys of autumn

By The Schoolcraft Connection Editorial Staff

The crunch of the leaves and the chill in the air that arrives in September brings about anticipation for many fall events. A new season is beginning and with it a change for many in attitude that can be felt throughout the year. Thanksgiving and Halloween are fast approaching. Football, hockey and other sports have begun. The sweaters, pants and scarves all come out of the closet with boots and hats. All of these are signs of greeting for the changing colors of the world outside that show the coming of wonderful autumn.
The first thing that may come to mind when fall is mentioned is the thrill of finally being able to visit the cider mills. Definitely don’t miss out this year on picking apples, eating donuts and cider, corn mazes and tractor rides around the mill. Many cider mills open in late August, which starts the anticipation while people wait patiently to start the fun. The joy of the cider mill, while only seasonal, is something that everyone can look forward to year round- it may even be considered one of the best aspects of autumn.
Everything pumpkin from decorations to food will begin to become popular. Seasonal food such as Pumpkin Spice Lattes will be in loca
l Tim Hortons and Dunkin Donuts. At stores there is also the tradition of making pumpkin pie in November and of course for the best eating holiday of the year, Thanksgiving. If pumpkin pie doesn’t tickle your taste buds then there is always pumpkin bread.
One new creation this year is that Subway sandwiches will join the pumpkin game. Now with strawberry cheesecake and chocolate chip, anyone can get pumpkin-flavored cookies at local Subways. Pumpkin and apple can be enjoyed in many ways that one can explore for great seasonal tastes.
It’s also that time of year again where the monsters, ghouls and ghosts come out to play. This year is going to be another spectacular year for haunted houses within the metro Detroit community. Erebus the world’s largest indoor haunted house is sure not to disappoint, as hundreds are sure to lineup around the block as they wait for their hearts to be filled with terror. Another attraction that is sure to attract thrill seekers is Hush in Westland, Michigan. Originally located in Garden City, the fear fest will now be located inside the roller rink Skateland for this year.
Some other fun activities to do that will get one outside to enjoy the weather are corn mazes and hayrides. Many apple orchards offer both of these. Some independent farms also offer land that has several corn mazes. This can challenge the masses to different levels of fun such as lengthier ones or the short and easy ones to escape for those short on time. Going for a hayride during the day can offer a chance to look at the changing colors and enjoy the weather. During October the month offers spooky hayride adventures as well. Going for trail rides at places such as Maybury is another enjoyable activity year round and can be fun to get to know some fury friends as well
Easily the best part of the autumn season and most visually appealing is the changing color of leaves. The transition from summer to fall is evident when green leaves turn shades of red, yellow and brown in the early weeks of September through October. When stepped on, leaves make a satisfying “crunch” under the stomp of a footstep. Not only is it visually appealing, but also it makes for great yard work. A quiet Sunday afternoon can be spent raking leaves. It is a mind-numbing chore that can be enjoyed outdoors.
Pumpkins, leaves, hayrides, cider mills and much more are a head for the few months of the autumn season. From all of the choices including getting a good scare or being inspired by the beauty the outdoors have to offer, one cannot find themselves bored. A season of adventure awaits before the cold sets in.