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Broadway finally gets the recognition it deserves

By Dylan Randolph, Editor-in-Chief

Over the years the live theatre genre has slowly becoming more popular throughout the nation. The Broadway craze initially took off back in 2003 when “Wicked” made its debut on stage and took the audiences by storm. The untold story of the Wicked Witch in the “Wizard of Oz” was an instant smash hit among theatre-goers, television stations and many others. However, Broadway would not put out another musical more successful until 2011 when the Tony award winning show “The Book of Mormon” hit the stage for the first time. Now people all over the world have been listening to a new sound from the record-breaking Tony and Grammy award winning show “Hamilton.” What many people do not know is exactly what Broadway has been bringing to the plate for years.

For the first time in years, broadway music is in mainstream with the help of shows such as “Hamilton.” (IMAGE FROM CBSNEWS.COM)

Household names that fans can see in almost every movie, television show and commercial got their start under the Great White Way in New York City. Before he made his name as “Wolverine” in Marvel studio’s classic “X-men” actor Hugh Jackman made his debut on stage in the musical “Oklahoma!” back in 1998. Another celebrity that got their start on Broadway is teenage heartthrob and musician Nick Jonas. Before the “Jonas Brothers” first had their breakout in music, Nick Jonas starred in several plays such as “Annie Get Your Gun,” “Beauty and the Beast,” “Les Miserables” and “A Christmas Carol.” “Sex in the City” star Sarah Jessica Parker also got her start on stage in the 1979 version of “Annie.” These famous film actors and actresses are just among some of the dozens of celebrities who began their illustrious careers on Broadway
Although Broadway hasn’t received the recognition it deserves, some of the hit shows have managed to make it into the mainstream media. “West Side Story,” “Rent” and “Chicago” are only some of the famous Broadway musicals that have made it to the big screen with amazing success. Movies that adapted Broadway shows were not the only outlet that Broadway utilized to spread its popularity throughout the nation. This past year individuals all over America have been raving over the new Broadway musical “Hamilton.”
“Hamilton” was written and starred in by Lin Manuel-Miranda, a famous actor known for his creation of the Broadway show “In the Heights.” The story uses Hip-Hop to tell about the life and career of the United States’ first Secretary of Treasury Alexander Hamilton. As the musical started to gain popularity around the nation, individuals flooded YouTube, Pandora and iTunes with downloads and views, only to excel its popularity. This year on June 12, 2016 the Tony’s (Broadway’s version of the Oscars) awarded “Hamilton” a record breaking 16 Tony’s. If this was not recognition enough the show also won a Grammy for “Best Musical Theatre Album” as well as the Pulitzer for “Best Drama.”
Although Broadway has been known for its awe-inspiring performances for years, it is now starting to grab a hold of the mainstream exposure. With smash hits like “Hamilton” it seems that Broadway won’t be fading away from the media any time soon. It is time for people to see why theatre is the Godfather of entertainment.