The misconception of feminism


Equality is the only goal of feminism

Written by Quinn Storm, News Editor

Feminism is the belief of social, political, economical and cultural equality for all people, regardless of sexuality, gender, race, ethnicity etc. So why is it, when someone proclaims themselves a feminist the people around them gripe and moan about how ridiculous their beliefs are?
It would seem, in this situation, that the person against feminism is the one who is incorrect. But the negative connotation that many people over the years have given feminism is what creates this fear of “feminazis” and the image of women attacking men for not believing the same way as them. Of course there are always going to be extremists, but these extremists give a poor, unrealistic image of what feminism really is. In all reality, it is a movement for equality for all people, and it is about time that all people realize this.
Feminists fight for what’s right. Feminism is about spreading equality, not creating hate. When both men and women choose to stand against feminism, they choose to stand for both inequality and an unequal treatment of people based on gender, amongst other things. In fact, at their core, feminists believe that each person has the right to their own opinion and shouldn’t be attacked for their belief- their only wish is that one person’s belief would not objectify or oppress another person.

Feminism is for everyone, no matter which gender they identify as. (IMAGE FROM GETTYIMAGES.COM)

Just as each person has a different belief, there are different groups of feminism that believe in different things, or that different subjects are more important. For example, some feminists are social feminists, some are economic feminists and some are radical feminists. These are just umbrella terms though, and feminism can truly be broken down into more specific opinions such as pro or anti abortion, pro or anti sex and so forth.
Feminists seek to treat major and minor inequalities in today’s society. For example, according to, women make 78 cents for every dollar that men make. Feminists see this, rightfully so, as an oppressive action towards women- whether man’s true intentions are to place themselves above women in a social and economic platform or not. In addition to lesser pay, women are not placed in higher up positions as often as men are in the work force. As for social or cultural standpoints, feminists work for equality in the workplace, as well as equality and justice for both men and women rape victims. According to, one in five women will be raped in their lives while one in 71 men will be raped. This doesn’t mean that feminists don’t care about men when rape happens, but it does mean that much of their efforts will be focused on getting justice for women who are sexually assaulted.
Overall, both the media and social media overplay the misconception that feminists are crazy or intense today, and many people have gathered false information about what feminists truly stand for. No matter what anyone tries to convince society about feminists, the true goal for feminists to reach is justice and equality for all people.