The Belchers are back


“Bob’s Burgers” season 7 starts off with Flu-ouise

By Quinn Storm, News Editor

On Sept. 25, 2016 at 7:30 pm Eastern Time the best thing since sliced bread happened. Well, not really because this is the seventh time it’s happened, but it’s still fantastic nonetheless; “Bob’s Burgers” returned to television.
As the season premiere, viewers expect the best, this did not disappoint at all. This episode is family centric, like most, and centers on all of the Belchers: Bob (voiced by H. Jon Benjamin), Linda (voiced by John Roberts), Tina (voiced by Dan Mintz), Gene (voiced by Eugene Mirman) and Louise (voiced by Kristen Schaal).

The episode starts off with Louise getting the flu and having to stay home from school. As she gets sicker, from refusing to take her medicine so she can miss more school, she sets up all her toys around her bed. Realizing she’s missing her favorite one, Kuchi Kopi, she convinces Linda to retrieve it from the bathroom. While in the bathroom, Linda accidentally drops the toy in the toilet and starts to panic. In an attempt to fix it, Tina offers the suggestion that they put it in rice and stick it in the oven- as people do with their phones when they’ve dropped them in the toilet or other water. Unfortunately, the overpowering heat of the oven and the time the family left it in for melted the plastic toy into a blob of a shape. Louise’s anger mixed with her sickness perpetuates a dream in which Louise fights with toy versions of her family’s personalities in which they attempt to convince her to forgive them. Meanwhile, the rest of the family tries desperately to fix or replace her squished toy.
In the end, there’s a lesson to be learned in forgiveness and family- there’s nothing this dysfunctional, crazy family won’t do to make one another happy and fix the wrongful events. This mix, in itself, is relatable to almost everyone.
What makes this episode so remarkable is the use of music- the story is told through many song numbers that are fun, funny and catchy. Viewers are engaged by not only the humor, but also the singing styles of each of the characters- their personality is evident in the songs they each sing.
Like many of the episodes before it, this one relies heavily on being humorous and relatable to viewers. The writers in the show have found success in the balance, and that’s what makes it so loved by many people. In the end, there’s often a touching moment that proves that family and love trumps all, and it’s almost always mellowed out by a joke or two in the end. So, one emotion never truly overpowers the other. The perfect medium has been found for this show, and it’s portrayed clearly in this season premiere. This episode greatly sets up the season for success, and suggests that the rest of the episodes of season seven will be just as fun and heartwarming.