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MIAMI, FL – AUGUST 24: Jose Fernandez #16 of the Miami Marlins walks of the field during the third inning of the game against the Kansas City Royals at Marlins Park on August 24, 2016 in Miami, Florida. (Photo by Rob Foldy/Getty Images)

One last  deserving award for Jose Fernandez

By James Paxson, Sports Editor

On Sunday Sept. 25, 2016 the Major League Baseball (MLB) season was under ten games from the start of the 2016 playoffs. Many teams were fighting for a playoff spot, but the baseball world had their mind on something more important.
There have only been a few baseball players to make an impression on the whole MLB world; one of those people was taken too soon, that person was 24-year-old pitching prodigy Miami Marlins, Jose Fernandez.
In the early hours of Sept. 25, Fernandez and two other friends went for a boat ride on Miami Beach. All three were found dead after the boat crashed. The pitching ace lost his life and is leaving a pregnant girlfriend behind.

Jose Fernandez was born on July 31, 1992 in Santa, Clara Cuba. Stuck in Fidel Castro’s Communist Cuba, Fernandez in his teenage years wanted to live in America. According to CBSsports.com Fernandez did not make it to America until his third attempt when he was 15 years old in 2008. On the final attempt to defect from Cuba, Fernandez saved someone from drowning unknowingly realizing it was his mother. Luckily the two made it home to Tampa Bay, Florida to be reunited with his father and became a family for the first in three years.
The Marlins surprised Fernandez a day before he received the award with helping his grandmother come to the United States from Cuba. That moment was one of the most important moments to Fernandez because he always put family over fame. Fernandez played through injuries for four years and ended his Major League Baseball pitching career with 38 wins and 17 losses upon his death.
The man inspired the whole Cuban-American fan base by showing what he could do with aspiration and the fight for freedom. The regular season ended on Sunday and the awards will come out later this week, one award will be more memorable than any others this year.