Train wreck


American Horror Story turning sour

By Elizabeth Casella, Managing Editor

Rating: 2/5

Everyone loves his or her own version of horror and fright. On Oct. 5, 2011, a new show called American Horror Story was introduced to audiences on FX. The original season titled “Murder House” excited fans with a show that had true terror to its story. Fans raved for months about the hit show and could not wait for what the creators would come up with next, knowing it would be a completely different story. Each season is based off a completely new story and some sort of time period or event. On Sept. 14 the newest season premiered, but was met with mixed reviews.
As season six of the popular show continues, it slowly gets worse as each minute of the show drags on. This season is titled “Roanoke.” It is based off the story of the lost colony of Roanoke.  This tale takes place in North Carolina in 2016. Shelby Miller (Lily Rabe), her husband Matt (Andre Holland) and Matt’s sister Lee (Adina Porter) appear on a d
ocumentary type show name “My Roanoke Nightmare,” in order to retell the series of supernatural events that happen to them after Shelby and Matt relocate from Los Angeles. They relocated following a miscarriage and awful beating that occurred in the city and made the couple feel unsafe. While at the house the family finds videotapes made by the previous owner that detail terrifying events that occurred and the current owners lived through themselves. Sarah Paulson stars in the reenactment sections of the documentary as Shelby alongside Cuba Gooding Jr. as Matt and Angela Bassett as Lee.
The first flaw that this show made was with casting. The actors within the reenactment sections are older than those telling the story, this is due to the fact that Paulson, Gooding Jr. and Bassett are the main stars of the show and get more time behind the camera because most of the show is the reenactments. It looks awful though because they are visibly older than Rabe, Holland and Porter.
The show also fails story wise. It has too many concepts going on at one time and does not connect very well with the audience. There is the story of the Roanoke clan haunting the house and somehow being able to kill three nights out of the year due to a blood moon that appears. This gives the spirit world access to the real world. It also has the story of this enchantress who supposedly saved the tribe with her dark magic that drives the killings, but it has its own story going on that after five episodes is not clear yet.
It is half way through the season and the show either has the same thing going on than the episode before it, or way too many things going on at once to make the viewer utterly confused on where the tale will go next. It also is not very scary or believable this season. It just lacks excitement.
The best part about the show is the new concept twist that they added by filming it like the show “I Survived”. The documentary and reenactment feature is the first time the show has done this and is the only interesting part about the show.
The show announced that it has been signed on for two more seasons at least already and that season seven will air sometime in September or October of 2017. The best thing to happen for this show would be to quit while they are slightly ahead with the die-hard viewers or to get new writers completely. It seems to have hit a high note with season one of “Murder House” and the follow up season “Asylum” was not as good, but still quite interesting and realistic. Every season since has gotten worse as it goes on and simply fails to interest anymore. It’s time to put this train wreck to bed and move on to something else.