Making an honest living


Country music remains popular through its meaning

By Dylan Randolph, Editor in Chief

Today’s culture in music varies from electronic, pop, hip-hop, rock and many more; however the one genre most people cannot seem to stand is country music.
Since music became part of the mainstream culture country music has held onto its audience with artists like Garth Brooks, Alan Jackson, George Strait and other iconic singers. Artists such as these know how to appeal to their audience through raw emotion as opposed to what most modern day culture does by glorifying a lifestyle people may never be able to live.

A common generalization country music faces is that the entire genres consists of songs about break-ups causing country music to be depressing. Why is appealing to an audience who are going through an emotional time a bad thing? While some of the lyrics are sad, many listeners find the lyrics to be beautiful due to their relatability. When people are going through a tough time they don’t want to think about moving on or getting back at
their ex. They want to be able to think about on their relationship and remember the good time or look up into the sky at the moon and hope that maybe their significant other is doing the same and will call in that moment to take them back. Country music gives people who are down on their luck a reason to hold onto something.
Another reason country music appeals to so many people is the pure honesty being told in the songs. While some artists like Kenny Chesney have a more tropical feel to their music, artists sing about their life, whether it is out at sea on an island, plowing through the fields on a tractor or spending a lonely night drinking to cure a broken heart. These artists don’t appeal to their fans by glorifying the fact that they have millions of dollars that they can spend on anything. Instead of rubbing their riches in people’s faces, they sing about humble beginning, hardships and the ones they love helping them through it.
Maybe one of the greatest aspects of country music is the love that fills every single word in a song. With each love song, the lyrics come from the heart, making it that much more beautiful. Anyone can make a song about going out with their friends and hooking up with random girls on Saturday night, but it takes a true man (or woman) to dedicate their love for someone through a song. Whether a song is talking about the things someone loves about their partner, their smile, the way they laugh, how beautiful their eyes look in the sunlight or making love to them and holding them tight throughout the night, every word has a meaning. If someone can’t find the words to say or need to set the right kind of mood, country music should always be their go to.
What makes a song worth listening to is the honesty and relatability behind its lyrics. Although not everyone grew up on a farm, plowed fields for a living or goes to a rodeo, country music has something for everyone. So is country bad to listen to because people don’t want to hear about a tractor? Or do people avoid it because it’ll actually make them think and feel real emotion through a song?