Bringing in the cinema season


The Connection’s top Halloween movie picks

By The Schoolcraft Connection Editorial Staff

The Halloween season offers ghouls, goblins, costume fun and some of the great cinema hits of the year. Within the Halloween genre there are a variety of classics for all to enjoy from classic scary movies, to family friendly features and even the horror that only those who love to be scared straight would dare to watch. No matter one’s taste there is a Halloween themed movie to be enjoyed this time of the year for everyone. Some of the staff’s favorites are the original “Halloween,” “Halloweentown,” “Hocus Pocus,” “The Nightmare Before Christmas” and the original “Nightmare on Elm Street.”
“Halloween” is arguably the most iconic Halloween movie there is. First debuting in 1978, “Halloween” follows the story of Michael Myers who, as a six-year-old child, stabbed his sister to death. After being put away in an insane asylum for 15 years, he escapes and makes his way back to his hometown to kill again. The soundtrack, score and lighting all create the spooky vibe that is so sought after for a creepy movie on Halloween night. Although it may not have as fantastic of graphics as some of the more current movies, this throwback is definitely scary enough to watch during a scary movie marathon.
During the crisp fall months everyone is ready for the creepy, spooky and terrifying movie dramas that come with it. But the kids may not always be able to join in on those thrillers. The classic Disney Channel series “Halloweentown” is perfect for family members of all ages. Most of us grew up watching this series about a young girl named Marnie and her siblings as they discover the world of magic within an alternate universe called Halloweentown that her mother tries to hide from them.  The movie makes magic seem real and the décor that goes into make this movie alive is really distinctive. The best part is that St. Helens, the city where they filmed the movie, decorates the city just like they did in the movie.
“Hocus Pocus.” 
Another family friendly feature and some would argue is one of the greatest Halloween movies of all time is “Hocus Pocus.” The reason why is this movie is beloved is because it’s nostalgic. People have grown up watching it their entire lives since the release of the movie in 1993, and it never gets old. “Hocus Pocus” is about the three Sanderson witch sisters who are resurrected from the dead by three kids on Halloween night. The children struggle to catch the witches and stop them throughout the night as they try to gather all of the children within the town to eat by morning and forever be young and beautiful. It’s a pure classic.
“The Nightmare Before Christmas.” 
If there is one movie people all over the country get excited to see around Halloween it is Tim Burton’s “The Nightmare Before Christmas.” Released in 1993 as well some of Halloween’s most famous characters such as Jack Skellington, Sally and Oogie Boogie are all featured. This music filled story illustrates “Halloween Town” filled with monsters and ghouls living their everyday lives preparing for the greatest day of all, Halloween. However, the town’s leader Jack Skellington has grown tired of the creepiest he has lived with everyday and strives for something more. Upon stumbling upon “Christmastown” he realizes that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side once he discovers he wasn’t fit for Christmas. One of the main points behind the success of this movie is that it is friendly for all ages with no blood, guts or profanity.
“Nightmare on Elm Street” 
On a different note, for those that really love guts and gore then Wes Craven “Nightmare on Elm Street” is a must see. Released in 1984, this terror film revolutionized the meaning of scary. Not even one’s dreams are safe anymore. The serial killer Freddy Krueger who kills his victims in their dreams hunts several people. Survivors are left questioning why exactly they are chosen in an attempt to stop the killer, while Krueger never misses a chance to haunt their dreams in an attempt to add to his victims.
Any movie that celebrates the spirit of Halloween and the special feeling this time of year brings from scaring one’s pants of to enjoying a family classic is a great film to watch. There are a multitude of movies out there that celebrate the different feelings of the season. Grab some friends, pick a few films and start the marathon before the month comes to an end.