Defying reality


Exploring supernatural entities

By Elizabeth Casella, Managing Editor

Ghost, goblins, ghouls and other creatures of the night all come out to play around the Halloween season; or at least everyone likes to believe they do to participate in the seasonal spirit. Some of these creatures that range within the supernatural such as ghosts, the Loch Ness Monster and the well-known Bigfoot are all believed by many to be real and have proven that they very well could be. It is up to one’s own personal beliefs to really decide if they are real or not, but there is enough evidence for substantial arguments that these beasts are indeed real.

Supernatural creatures, like the Loch Ness Monster, were once said to have actually existed.

Ghost are commonly sighted or “felt” among people all over the world. There are millions of different stories that vary from one being haunted themselves or the house in the woods that continually is sold and bought again because of the eerie going on’s within. Photos turn up with a “shadow” in the background that then turns into the view of a face or figure when filters are added or photo editing enhances the actual ghost that haunts the background. Mysterious chills or noises around the house can all be evidence that these mystical creatures lurking about within the different plains of the universe. Many people even make careers out of talking to those that have passed or using the Ouija board to communicate with those that can’t be seen. It just takes simple believing to realize that they are there.
A little less believed creature of the supernatural that has been argued over being real is the Loch Ness Monster or “Nessie” as many have pet named the creature. Whether one believes the cheesy video that could be evidence of the Loch Ness Monster being real or not there is actual proof of an aquatic fossil unveiled in Scotland that scientist have deemed as the “Loch Ness Monster.” In a different lake in Edinburgh, Scotland the BBC reports that a large 164 million year old fossil was found. This dolphin like dinosaur or Ichthyosaur is now deemed the “Storr Lochs Monster.” The monster was said to actually been found over 50 years ago by a local power station manager, but the bones could not be retrieved until recently. The original Nessie or “water beast,” as it was originally referred to, has had myths surrounding it for centuries in a different lake in Scotland and was made famous in 1934 when a surgeon released a black and white image of the head and neck poking out of the water. It was proven to be a hoax 60 years later though according to
Another highly debated mythological creature is Bigfoot. Scientist themselves still highly debate about the reality of him or her because there is not much evidence to support the existence of a being. The classic photos of “Bigfoot” have been proven many times as fake or people in gorilla suits lurking through the forest at night and creating extra large footprints in the woods. Bite marks, teeth and rib peelings have been found across the United States and examined as possibly being a human like being that had larger feature much like a gorilla as well. This could be evidence to prove that Bigfoot is real and is some mixture of human and gorilla. This one is still highly under debate though and is truly left up for one to decide themselves.
Real or not, these beings are something for people to believe in as more to this world. They also help to explain the unusual and sometimes completely unexplainable situations that occur within this world. There is more than meets the eye and one can be close-minded and choose to ignore these differences within reality or be open to a whole universe and several plains of possibilities from those creatures of fantasies.