Misinformation is killing America

Misinformation is killing America

Black Lives Matter

By Quinn Storm, News Editor

In 2013, a hashtag began trending that would soon change the way people see social activism. This hashtag, #BlackLivesMatter, not only changed the way people thought, but ignited passion in almost everyone- whether this passion is positive or negative is up to one’s opinion on the protest. Now, three years later, the trend not only fuels progressive feelings, but also hatred and, in some cases, fear. Why is there such a misconception, though, of what the group is attempting to do? Misinformation and misguided rage is very prominent in the twisting of information.

#BlackLivesMatter is a growing social movement that preaches activism and support for the black community. (IMAGE FROM DELTADAILYNEWS.COM)

Black Lives Matter, much like feminism and other equal rights social movements, is subject to ignorance and hate. In all reality, there will be some racist people who hate the group just for the sake of it being a black oriented group, just as there will always be people who will hate feminism because it is a woman centered group or hate groups who fight to end world hunger because it doesn’t affect them. However, personal opinions aside, hate and prejudices affect everyone in this country. Meaning, everyone should support groups such as Black Lives Matter just for the fact that America, and other countries, should be working together to be creating a more inclusive and equality driven society.
Many people argue that it shouldn’t be Black Lives Matter; it should be All Lives Matter. What these people don’t realize, because of misinformation thrust on us by the media, is that the Black Lives Matter movement supports everyone. These are people that will fight to end prejudice and racism because they realize how it may deteriorate certain groups. The focus on black lives is because recently in the media and all over the country, there have been many incidents involving black people that are unfortunate. Most definitely, there have been unfortunate incidents involving other races but what the media and society has focused on, for the moment, is the black community. Black Lives Matter activists do not want innocent people to be harmed, no matter their race or profession. True supporters of the Black Lives Matter group do not want police killed, they do not want white people killed, they do not want anyone harmed just for the sake of  “payback.” In simple terms, supporters want equal rights and opportunities, as they believe other people have received. Just because they choose to focus on one race at the moment does not mean they are denying the importance of the other races.
Whether or not one believes it should be #BlackLivesMatter or #AllLivesMatter, one cannot deny that what everyone wants is to rid the world of prejudice and injustice. Killings have to stop, racial bias has to stop and all other unfairness towards people of any kind must stop. Most importantly, misinformation and hate based prejudices have to stop circulating through the media to cause even more tension between people of social movements and those who do not understand or do not care.