Horror has a new sound


Figure releases “Monsters 7” for the upcoming season

By Dylan Randolph, Editor in Chief

Rating: 5/5

Halloween soundtracks such as “The Monster Mash,” “Ghostbusters” and “Thriller” are just some of the songs that flood parties all over the country during October. However, over the past couple years, famous drumstep artist, Figure, has been releasing tributes to some of the most famous horror movies ever created; bringing a new sound to horror. This year is no different as Figure again has released “Monsters 7” to add to his series of spook-tacular sounds.

Artist Figure released “Monsters 7” on Sept. 30. This  newest album from Figure will certainly spice up the Halloween season with the popular drumstep beats and combination of songs inspired by famous Halloween movies. (IMAGE FROM CLUBHEAD.TV)

Josh Gard, better known by his stage name of Figure, has been on the scene of mainstream music since 2011 with his release of “Monsters of Drumstep Vol. 1” which introduced audiences to famous tracks such as “Aliens,” “Zombies,” “Vampires” and “Frankenstein,” along with a couple other remixes of the previous songs listed. Once fans got a hold of the bass pounding tracks, they were hooked immediately and the only thought they had was “When is the next Monsters album coming out?” Over the course of the next few years listeners would wait anxiously until October to hear the next playlist of face melting drumstep mixes.
“Monsters 7” brings familiar elements to each track that fans are comfortable with as well giving them a little bit more of a background into his personal influence. The leading track of the album titled “The Exorcist” is homage to William Friedkin’s cult classic film. The beginning of the song starts off with the famous piano notes played throughout the movie while the viewers watched in suspense. Over the course of the song, audio samples from the movie are heard throughout. However, parents beware that the audio samples do contain explicit sentences, which are followed by speaker blowing bass drops.
Another song that fans will really enjoy is “RedRum,” inspired by one Stephen King’s novels and movies “The Shining.” As the song starts a steady drumline flows out of the speakers and the tempo starts to increase. As the tension builds and one waits for the bass to drop, the term “RedRum” is repeated over and over again as the bass line increases with increased high hats and snares to build the effect. Once the earth shattering bass drops, fans can hear Figures influence with a screamo sample of the word “RedRum” as well as some of the movies more famous lines such as Jack Nicholson’s most famous line “Here’s Johnny.”
One of the more interesting tracks heard on “Monsters 7” is the mix “The Ritual,” which figure created with another famous artist Dack Janiels. This song has a very hardcore feel to it so much to where it sounds as if the artist remixed a “screamo” song. With a guitar riff being played throughout the track as well as samples of screaming lyrics being added, fans may find this track interesting to listen to. Many followers of Figure know of his background in dark, supernatural culture that makes it no surprise to hear such demonic sounding noises.
Overall the album was fantastic. The new feel to each of these famous movies show the audience that Figure has not lost his step in remixing horror. Other selections in the playlist feature movies such as “The Omen” and “Hellraiser.” If any reader wants to listen to “Monsters 7” or and of the “Monsters of Drumstep” volumes they can visit Figure’s SoundCloud page.