Long awaited return


American rock band Sum 41 releases sixth album after five year break

By: Mikey Cebulski, Photography Editor

Rating: 3.5/5

Angsty pop-punk music is a genre in and of itself these days. However, 15 years ago, this was a new genre and the general public seemed to love it. Green Day pioneered this genre and it blew up. Sum 41 took the world by storm with the release of their debut album in 2001, “All Killer, No Filler,” and they have finally made their way back into the public eye after a five year break.
The album was released through Hopeless Records and produced by frontman Deryck Whibley, lead singer and guitarist of the band. After waiting a half decade, “13 Voices” was released to the public on Oct. 7.
Sum 41 has been hyping up their album for the past few years, following the release of their fifth album, “Screaming Bloody Murder” in 2011. Sum 41 enjoyed the fame for a while, as they brought a fresh spin into the music world that many people were not accustomed to. However, as the years passed and the band aged, they lost their fun, youthful aspect to them. This was obvious in “13 Voices.”

After a five year hiatus, Sum 41 is back with their sixth album release titled “13 Voices.” (IMAGE FROM LYTIMG.COM)

Sum 41 took a different, darker path for their sixth project. After Whibley’s struggles with alcoholism, a lot of songs relate back to the experiences he went through whilst fighting alcoholism and his trek from a hospital patient back to a rock star. Whibley is seemingly healthy once again, despite what he had gone through.
The album shines on multiple levels. From catchy lyrics from Whibley himself, to guitar shredding and drum solos from new drummer Frank Zummo and returning lead guitarist, Dave Baksh. Being a band that blew up in the early 2000s, they have lost some momentum in the years past. However, that is not necessarily a negative thing. It’s a different road that the band is not used to travelling, but it seems as if they have made themselves at home.
The track that stands out the most is “Breaking The Chain.” Whibley goes on about “breaking the chain” of the life he knew and moving onwards to a greener pasture and leaving his darkness behind him in the dust. “I’ve done my time with the devil in disguise,” Whibley sings about the dark thoughts that have haunted him in his past. Listeners will find the song extremely catchy and wonder why it’s not on a Linkin Park album. The track allows each member their time in the spotlight, with guitar, drum solos, vocals and lyrics that shine from Whibley.
For the next month, the band will be embarking on the “Don’t Call It a Sum-Back” Tour, and will be making stops all over the country as well as Detroit on Oct. 19. “13 Voices” was a crowd-funded project that met fan’s expectations and left them wanting more. It is exciting to see a band that has had its fair share of struggles release a worthwhile project. After a rather disappointing release five years ago, it is a relief to hear a fresh, new album release from Sum 41.
Sum 41 will be at Saint Andrew Hall in Detroit on Oct. 19 at 6:30 p.m. Tickets range from $66 to $400 and can be purchased at stubhub.com or ticketmaster.