Preparing for the future


University Bound helps students prepare for the future after Schoolcraft

By Dylan Randolph and Elizabeth Casella, Editor in Chief & Managing Editor

Many students coming into college suffer serious anxiety realizing that they are not prepared to further their educational careers. Often times students find themselves overwhelmed with all of the information and resources offered on campus such as the Learning Assistance Center (LAC), Career Services, Student Activities and Financial Aid, among others. Possibly the main concern these incoming students have is that they simply do not know what to pursue for their careers. Over the past sixteen years the college has been providing a solution to these worries with the help of the University Bound Program.

“Helping students exploit the resources around campus like scholarship opportunities, figuring out what classes they need to take and how they apply to transferring to the university of their choice, and to help them get more involved in the community itself is one of our main goals,” said University Bound Coordinator, Ryan Masters.
A very humble beginning sprung the University Bound program into action back in 1988 when the program was ran under a different name. The program was started by Dr. Kanoyton, the Director of the University Bound program and also the first college graduate of her family. Due to Dr. Kanoyton’s humble background she made a promise, to herself as well as others, to help students adjust to the nuisances of college. Over the years Dr. Kanoyton and the other University Bound officials have received tremendous support from the community, gaining grants for supplies in the program, furthering its progress in benefiting students.
“I wanted to give them the skills and support to enable them to succeed at a high level in college. I wanted to give them the assurance that this experience of college will transform their lives in ways they cannot even begin to dream of. Whatever their dream is that they think this education can do for them, I can assure them that as long as they apply it with good character, it will go beyond their wildest dreams.” said Dr. Kanoyton.
A student can simply ask for help and with this help comes specialized information to aid them in transferring and overall enhance the general college experience. University Bound is run in conjunction with Wayne State University and the King Chavez Parks grant initiative to offer assistance to students in any way possible. Certain things Masters and other University Bound members may help the students with are scholarships, writing certain essays, transferring and even simple tasks such as navigating university websites.
“When not giving any prompts on how to go about tasks like transcript requests that’s where I come in and help students who they need to refer, where to go, and walk them through a step by step process in occasions like that,” said Masters.
To join this program, students can call the LAC and make an appointment with Masters. Then fill out the application. They will be put on a mailing list and receive alerts about helpful events on campus, such as seminars about help in different subjects, scholarship searches and stress management. The program also offers drop-in tutoring for all subjects, in addition to one- on-one help. The tutoring also caters to the schedule that is set up by the student and tutor at a time that works for both of them, and usually takes place within the Bradner Library.
All students are welcome to join this program and at any time. Even in the last semester of a student’s time at Schoolcraft this program can offer help such as scholarship opportunities for the school they will be attending next, help with applications for four- year colleges and universities. There also is a Freshman Focus aspect to the program that pairs freshman with more experienced students to provide a support system for any first time students.
“This program is made to show that students are not alone in their journey. With all of this overwhelming information we provide structure and assistance to the whole experience. We try to take some of the stress of the students by helping them figure things out” explained Masters.
University Bound is an remarkable program geared to assist students on navigating their way through Schoolcraft as well as helping them to take the next steps on the road to a four- year college or university with workshops which are featured throughout the school year. It is a great resource to take advantage of to gain skills professionally and collegiately for success for now and in the future.
“Don’t give up. Recognize that you are capable and that you are worthy,that you have things to contribute. You will meet difficulty, but your ability to recover from difficulty quickly is an essential skill for long term success and survival,” said Dr. Kanoyton when asked what advice she has for students who struggle in adapting to the college experience.
For more information on joining the University Bound Program students can either call the LAC at 734-462-4436 or attend some of the workshops that the program will be sponsoring around campus.