Terrifyingly terrible


“Ouija: Origin of Evil” disappoints

By Quinn Storm, News Editor

Rate: 2/5
“Ouija: Origin of Evil,” written by Mike Flanagan and Jeff Howard and directed by Flanagan, was released to the public audience Oct. 21. Previous to its release, the commercials and advertisements portrayed this movie as a terrifying prequel to the 2014 film “Ouija.” When walking into the movie, one may hope to be excited, scared and have feelings of suspense throughout the entire film. Unfortunately, this hope will be squashed as the movie only disappoints and does not excite or thrill the audience.
Not only did this movie lack any real suspense or scare factor, but it heavily relied on typical, anticipated jump scares and dramatic sound and score that did not differ from any other horror movie. At one point in the movie the young child, Doris, played by Lulu Wilson, picks up the Ouija board and looks through it, around the dark living and dining room of her house. Exactly predictable, she looks to the sides and sees wisps of a demon on her back. Then, she moves in front of a mirror to confirm her suspicions, picks up the board slowly and looks through it once again. Of course, a demon is seen standing right behind her and from thereon goes to possess her.
This, although it attempts to incorporate jump scares and a sudden demonic face to frighten the audience, is a typical, predictable and boring move used in almost every other horror film that is out now. Another example of predictability is when Lina, played by Annalise Basso, Doris’s older sister, is asleep in her bed and viewers can see a shadowy, dark figure lurking in the hallway, watching her sleep and slowly moving toward her to whisper demonic voices in her ear.
The uses of scary sounds and dim lighting are, of course, going to be used in every scary movie. But, when it’s not used in a way that makes the movie an individual in an ocean of copies it makes the movie boring and unscary. If the audience is expecting to be frightened do jump scares really work?
The only saving grace of this movie seems to be its ratings. The movie critics say that this movie is so much better than it predecessor that it received an 80 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. But, the critics are not always on top of what moviegoers believe. According to a poll by CinemaScore, audiences gave this sad excuse for a horror movie a C rating on an A to F scale- well deservingly.
Overall, the movie was extremely disappointing because of the lack of originality and true horror in this so-called “horror” movie. When one watches a scary film they expect to be on the edge of their seat, jumping at the right times and shaking in fear afterward. Unfortunately, all anyone will get from this experience is a yawn and overpriced popcorn. The only evil in “Ouija: Origin of Evil” was the marketing team’s tricks to make people think this would be a good movie.