Does America’s voice matter?

Does America’s voice matter?

Why the Electoral College is a joke

By Dylan Randolph, Editor in Chief

America was founded on the principle of a democracy. According to the definition of Democracy is a form of government in which the people choose leaders by voting. But what are the voters of America to do when their voice does not matter when it comes to who will lead their country?

The Electoral College is a misrepresentation of the population and takes away from the voice of America. (IMAGE FROM WIKINUT.COM) 

Back when the country was founded a system known as the Electoral College was created.
While the Electoral College may have benefited states at the time, it has caused America’s election to be more corrupt than ever before.
One of the many reasons the Electoral College is a mistake is the fact that it makes it a possibility for the loser of the popular vote to win the electoral vote. A classic example of this was during the Al Gore vs. George W. Bush election. During this election Florida, one of the highest electoral states, was uncontested. However, many people knew that Florida was leaning towards Al Gore. Once the voting season came around, there was an error during the voting process causing Bush to win Florida, which ultimately lead to his victory in the election. There have been at least three more occasions of the Electoral College swaying the votes during the election or around seven percent, which is too high for 56 elections.
Another reason the Electoral College distorts the election is due to the fact it makes the candidates pander strictly to the high electoral states. For instance, if a candidate wants to win over California they will cater to the younger audience. Whether that is “promising” to legalize the use of marijuana, lowering taxes or being pro-choice in abortion, the candidates will say whatever it takes to win California over. Meanwhile, they will also travel to Texas and preach the complete opposite to swing voters their way. In Texas they will protest illegal immigration, talk about how the blue-collar workers are the foundation of the country and make it a point to adhere to the patriotism in the population. This system makes it so states like Wyoming, Alaska and Montana, among others, are left outcasted, making votes feel disrespected and deserted.
For the same reason as before, the Electoral College makes it so the people don’t have a voice. The Electoral College blurs the idea of a one person, one vote consensus due to the fact that it isn’t based on population. Instead, the college is related more to number in the House of Representatives. This is to say; that for each member a state has in the House of Representatives there is one electoral vote, along with an additional two votes. This creates a huge problem come election because it is not an accurate representation of the population in voting. Due to this lack of reality, smaller states receive an overrepresentation to try and correct the issue. This means that one person in Wyoming would receive close to quadruple the power in the Electoral College in comparison to one person living in California. The worst part about this issue is the fact there is not much the government can do to correct the error because the formula was written out in the Constitution of the United States.
While the Electoral College benefited states back in the seventeen and eighteen hundreds, it now provides huge problems for those who have the chance to vote today. When these presidential candidates start to campaign they are not interested in what an individual wants, they will just do anything it takes to get a vote. So the question is, why do people vote if their voice doesn’t matter to the presidential candidates?
A change needs to be made in the election system if the real voice of Americans is to be heard.