Standing with her


Hillary Clinton is the only viable presidential candidate

By Quinn Storm, News Editor

In a world of liars and cheats, politicians hardly ever stand out as good, honest people. Every election thus far, there has been at least one person who is so ill fit to run, nevertheless win the presidential election that voters can hardly understand how their campaign lasted as long as it did. For this election, Donald Trump most definitely stands out as a character who is not only unfit to run a country, but could, in fact, create a more dangerous country for all citizens.
Not only would the election of Hillary Clinton save the United States from the chaos that would indefinitely ensue from a country run by Donald Trump, but also Clinton herself is an excellent choice for president. Regardless of the fact that running next to Trump makes

Hillary Clinton is the only candidate in the 2016 election who will do the country any good. (IMAGE FROM RAMPAGES.COM)

her seem to be a better choice, her stances and politics make her an astounding candidate for president.
What makes Clinton such an impressive candidate for president is her fearlessness. In a world where one is judged so harshly for doing what they believe is correct, Clinton continues to fight for legislature that she believes will make America better each day. In addition, her profession is typically seen as male dominated, and being elected the first female president would not only be beneficial to her and her career, but give America the opportunity to take great strides towards equality and diversity.
Clinton’s policies center around liberal, democratic ideals: reduce prejudices, use government to create a better life for citizens, reduce gun violence and better the education system for all people. Clinton has aspects about her that all people can enjoy; whether one is democratic or republican, she is willing to work with both parties to get things done without compromising her ideals and integrity.
One example of a hot topic is immigration. While Donald Trump wants to build a wall between the United States and Mexico and cut off ties with Syrian refugees, Clinton sees the dangers in these actions. Clinton believes we should be helping refugees to freedom, and reforming immigration so that it is easier for people to become citizens in this country. Each of these tie into the aspect of Clinton’s national service to this country- her belief, as stated on her website, is to do all the good she can for our country and citizens.
Hillary Clinton has fought for what she believes in for her whole life. Whether it was as a lawyer, professor, First Lady of Arkansas, First Lady of the United States, U.S. Senator or the Secretary of State, Clinton has never backed down. In fact, at one point she held up a Republican dominated congressional committee for 11 hours to fight for her progressive issues. Although, she also finds it necessary to work well with the Republicans so that she may get things done while in office, unlike Donald Trump who wants everything done his way or no way.
Hillary Clinton is the only presidential candidate that is committed to the United States in a way that would bring equality, progressive change, better politics and a better-run government to the people. Through empowerment and a will to fight for what is right, Clinton will get it done. I stand with her.