Make him stop again


Donald Trump delivers a speech during a Presidential campaign rally held at Trump National Golf Club Westchester Featuring: Donald Trump Where: Briarcliff Manor, New York, United States When: 07 Jun 2016 Credit: Dennis Van Tine/Future Image/ **Not available for publication in Germany, Poland, Russia, Hungary, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Serbia, Croatia, Slovakia**

America’s not so grand party nominee

By James Paxson, Sports Editor

In the second Presidential debate on Sunday Oct. 9 Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican nominee Donald Trump debated against each other. Early in the debate New York State Senator Hillary Clinton was quoted saying, “With prior Republican nominees I disagreed with them, but I never questioned their fitness to serve.” What the statement makes clear is she may not like most republicans, but she does have respect for them.
Clinton has been in politics for over 30 years and for her to say that Trump is the only candidate she does not have full authority in his fitness to serve makes the Republican Party look the worst it has ever been. Trump is not one of these respected Republican people; he says many words that do not make sense and is only interested in taking down his opponent rather than making his respected Political Party look presentable. Over the last year Trump has demonstrated that he does not care what respected Republican politicians he offends. He decides to make enemies with politicians and journalist based on his ego.

Many Republican politicians have renounced their endorsement for Trump’s presidency. (IMAGE FROM SHEKNOW.COM)

According to back in April before the candidates were chosen, “A Suffolk University poll has found that 19 percent of Republicans say they will support Hillary Clinton if Donald Trump wins the Republican nomination.”
Republican voters do not respect a disrespectful loud mouth. Trump is not like Reagan, Bush or Bush Sr., all three of those men were respectful and not obliterate to news media. The man is taking a political party that has had respectful loyal followers; and forcing them to vote for someone they do not like because they do not want this man in the White House.
The Republican Party started back in the year 1854 and is one of the two main political parties according to; the party is also referred to as “the GOP” or Grand Old Party. The Republican Party has been fully based on the phrase, “each person is responsible for their own place in society,” according to Unfortunately, the man in charge of the Republican Party will make life in this society very difficult for some categories of people.
The Republican Party’s nominee for president of the United States is a billionaire, television star, businessman and author. Yes, the guy who says “You’re Fired” and is one of the people in charge of determining who looks best in a bikini for the miss America pageant is the Grand Old Party’s nominee to run the country. In the last couple months Republicans from all over the United States have been against Trump being the President.
“Paul Ryan was scheduled to appear with Trump in Wisconsin on Saturday, but Ryan disinvited him after The Washington Post published a 2005 video in which Trump boasted about sexually assaulting women (” The video that the Atlantic is referring to is a recording on a bus ride that occurred in 2005 that had Trump saying vulgar comments about women and admitting in trying to make a move on a married woman.
Republican Politicians including current speaker of the house Paul Ryan and former presidential nominee and Senator of Arizona John McCain. Both of these men withdrew their sympathetic support after a video was released of Trump saying the kinds of things Trump usually says.
The Party is falling apart when former Republicans, current republicans and the nominees Vice President do not respect the man the party picked to be president. Republicans do not respect their own man, why should voters?