Sit still, look pretty


Nail and Make up trends this fall

By Elizabeth Casella, Managing Editor

Forget about the popular clothes and shoes of the season. The best way to stand out it through the simple touches of make-up and nails. Classy and creative nails can give any look the extra pop it needs. Or for the more casual style, dressing up the make up with a few simple touches can take any day look to the next level.

Make Up
Cat Eyeliner will never go out of style, but winging it out to give it an extra dramatic flare will give a look serious drama. One can be a trendsetter by flaring it out about a half inch past the eyelid. Or for a little more of the normal day look one can do a smaller line that shows just off the edge of the eyelid.
Copper Eye shadow is a perfect way to blend the fall colors into any look. Rather than the traditional black smoky eye, this upgraded version includes a touch of copper shimmer in the middle of the eyelid with softer browns towards the outer eye. This is perfect for brown or blue-eyed girls.
Shake up the look even more with the mixture of metallic and mattes. Metallic has been huge for 2016, but one should not go crazy with all over metallic glitter, because things could get out of hand. Keep the upper lid matte color and then add the shimmer metallic to the lower lash line to give an undertone pop.
Lace nail art is not just classy, but charming as well and makes one stand out in a crowd. These designs all can dress up any outfit. There is many ways to do lace designs on nails and it truly is up for personal opinion. It can be done at home or by a nail artist as well. One popular and chic version of this look is to have a plain color underneath such as nude, or a light pink or green and then paint on a lace overlay pattern to the nails such as white to make the color underneath stand out when revealed.
Another interesting look is the streakers craze. This is a plain base color with a single shimmer streak going down the center of the nail and fading out towards the end. The shimmer streak starts off slightly thick at the cuticle of the nail. A classy way of doing this is to have a grey base with a gold shimmer.
The classic French tip will always be popular, but can get boring for fun occasions. A way to vamp up this original style is by changing it to the French Midas style. This style is a matte concrete base color with high shine tips. Neutral tones such as black, greys, browns, golds and nude are the most popular this season and go with virtually any outfit. A great example of the French Midas is a black matte with either silver or gold high shine tips.
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