Gobble, Gobble


By Mikey Cebulski, Photo Editor

If one has ever driven down 5 Mile Road, between Farmington and Levan, it isn’t hard to spot a little bit of country in the city. On the north side of the road sits Roperti’s Turkey Farm has been Livonia’s go-to turkey farm since 1948. Celebrating its 68th year of operation, Roperti’s is more experienced than ever. Catering patrons every need, Roperti’s is the place to go when looking for a fresh turkey.

Roperti’s Turkey Farm is 100-acres big, so the turkeys have room to roam. Roperti’s takes pride in what they sell their customers, meaning no preservatives are given to the turkeys. Each turkey is dressed to perfection when you pick it up. (Photos Courtesy of Mikey Cebulski.)
Roperti’s take pride in what each customer is getting, only feeding their birds the most nutritional meals, in the likes of oats and corn, making sure that they are moist and tender for Thanksgiving. The Roperti family’s claim to fame is that their turkeys cook more thoroughly since there is no preservatives or chemicals in their systems. The Roperti farm is 5 acres, allowing the turkeys to roam free and aren’t under nonstop stress from crowded cages. If you are interested in purchasing a turkey from Roperti’s Turkey Farm, visit http://ropertis.m.webs.com/ or call 734-464-6546.