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Easy updo’s for Fall

By Elizabeth Casella, Managing Editor

Having one’s hair up or down can make or break any outfit. The perfect way to put in the least effort but still make a casual look more sophisticated is with an easy and quick updo or style choice. One doesn’t need a lot of accessories like hats, or gaudy jewelry to finish the outfit. The simpler the better is the best way to stay fashionable now a days.

Know your knots
The easy ponytail is fine for working out or running errands, but has been slowly receding into retirement as hairstylist begin to turn to more chicer and contained style, the knot. These knots can be intricate twists for more fancy and styled events or messy looks, to sleek chignons for the casual going out. There is a possibility for every personality. For a playful look one can even do two low double knots for buns in the back of the head.
Tie it back
Another way to add a unique twist to the classic ponytail is by adding a pop of ribbon in a classic style of tying. A simple velvet bow, or criss cross ribbon down the length of the ponytail. This can be done in a corset style for a “graphisme” effect that gives a fairytale-esque look or a punk style depending on the ribbon choice. Another option is tiny knots tied down throughout a braid or strand with elastic can give a cool vibe that attracts the eye.
Pump it up
Another easy way to spice up the easy ponytail is to add a little volume. Pulling back the bangs and adding a small or big bump depending on the person is easy and quick. There are inserts that will help the hair stand up and do this or simply teasing the hair enough will help to. Then the long hair can be pulled back into a pony and be finished off with a tie. Or one can twist the extra bangs around into a knot around to hide the elastic. This will add completeness to the look too.
Blast from the past
The swirl and twirl curls will make one stand out from the crowd. It’s perfect for a day out on the town or a fancy dinner date. This requires a little more effort because of the placement of the curls and the pre-work to create the big and flowy curls required for the look, but it is worth the time. It can be pinned in the front and be simplified by finishing off with a curly bun in the back or to make it fancier making a flower with the curls.
This is an easy way to get hair out of the face in addition to adding an air of style. The half up twist instantly elevates a look by pulling back some hair and twisting it around then pinning it back or tying it back with an elastic band. Adding small slivers of hair as you twist directs the twist diagonally down and keeps from having a lot of fly aways from shorter hair. The soft twisted updo by twisting the bangs and pinning it onto the side is also a popular and easy style.
Half up, half down
The half up, half down look is another classic and effortless style that will last through the ages. A way to spice this up is to have curls or beach waves to give the look some flawless volume and more glamour. Or for a casual or “messy” style attempting the top knot bun look would be perfect. The best way to accomplish this is by pulling back a section, using the arches of your eyebrows as a guide for width, and then tying it back or twisting it into a knot right at the very top of the head. This will give it some extra volume from the position on the head.
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