Campus Crime




Posted: 12/07/2015

Scratch and scram 

On Nov. 29, a Schoolcraft staff member had their car parked in the Liberal Arts staff parking lot. When she returned to her car around 6 p.m., she found the side of the vehicle and left, rear fender keyed. The Schoolcraft’s Technology Center has been viewing surveillance cameras to try to find the culprit and identify the suspect who caused the damage.

Bud bust 

A Campus Police Authority officer was walking around the South Parking lot on campus on Nov. 11 around 2:35 p.m. when he saw a white Land Rover with its headlights turned on. The passenger window was cracked open, and the officer could smell marijuana from the car. He looked into the car and saw flakes of marijuana on the console of the car with no one attending to the car itself. The officer followed the owner after he got into their vehicle and stopped him in the North Parking lot. The suspect admitted to smoking earlier that day in the parking lot. The officer then searched the car and found a grinder with marijuana residue, a digital scale, a large pipe used for marijuana and a pipe with what looked like crack cocaine residue as well as two bags of marijuana, totaling to twelve grams. There was also a book found in the backseat called “How to make a Living off of Selling Marijuana.” The Livonia Police Department was called, and the suspect was taken into custody.

Posted: 11/01/2015


On Oct. 10, an employee of the Schoolcraft College Bookstore received a phone call on the store’s help line. The man on the phone asked for the clerks name who was a woman for the second time after she had already introduced herself prior in the phone call. The caller stated he was an instructor and claimed to be looking for a textbook for a female student. The clerk then put the man on hold. While holding, the caller asked if he could guess what the female who had answered the phone was wearing. He replied a bikini bottom under a skirt, and then said to cover up because “guys only have their mind on one thing.”

A similar call was made this past Winter as well. There was no actual crime and the caller’s number could not be tracked, and the director of the Bookstore has advised his staff to not engage in such calls if they were to happen again.

Posted: 04/20/2015


On April 2, a student came to the Campus Police Authority (CPA) and reported that his checkbook was stolen. The male victim believed his checkbook was stolen on March 24 while he was working out at the Fitness Center. He said it could have been stolen from his car or the locker room, but he did not know how because he usually locks his car doors, and there was no visible damage to his vehicle.

He realized on March 28 that his checkbook was missing, and when he checked with his bank, there was a fraudulent withdrawal of $500 and another unauthorized withdrawal on March 31. The male victim, desperate to find the perpetrator, contacted his bank again and found out whom the checks were written to. The victim then “googled” the suspect’s name and found the suspect is a student at the college. The Livonia Police Department is investigating as well, and the case is pending.


On March 25, a male victim reported a stolen wallet from an unlocked locker in the men’s locker room.

The Campus Police Authority investigated the locker room, and in a near by trash can, the victim’s wallet was found, but his wallet, Driver’s License and school I.D. were gone. The next day, two black males, described as twenty years old with wavy black hair in gym clothes with backpacks, were found to be looking through unlocked lockers and are suspected to be the ones who stole the wallet. After reviewing a videotape, no solid evidence could be found, and the case was closed.


On the afternoon of April 4, a student reported their iPad missing from a class in the Radcliff Center. Upon contacting CPA, action was taken to determine the location of the iPad by using the student login to their iCloud account. This resulted in CPA officers obtaining and confirming the address of the missing iPad.

It was found to be located at another student’s house that was in the same class as the student with the stolen iPad. The Canton Police Department was contacted to retrieve the iPad from the student in question. The student was consequently referred for student discipline.

Posted: 04/06/2015


On the night of March 10, a suspect was found by the Campus Police Authority (CPA) while sitting in the parking lot east of the Applied Sciences building. A black Chevy Cruze was parked in the lot, and the driver appeared to have something in his lap that CPA later determined to be marijuana. When approached by CPA, the suspect asked for them to give him a break. The CPA insisted on seeing the contents of the suspect’s car as the suspect fled the scene. Campus Police Authority radioed ahead, but the suspect was not caught immediately. The CPA officer did get the suspect’s license plate, which allowed them to find the name and car of the suspect. When the suspect was brought back to Schoolcraft, he was then handcuffed and brought to the Livonia Police Department.


On March 16 at 6:50 a.m., the CPA was contacted because of a possible larceny to the napkin/tampon coin box. The police authority’s investigation revealed that the coin box was broken into over the weekend of March 14-15. There were no tampons or money stolen from the machine. A quarter was found on top of the box and believes the person urgently needed the product inside, but could not access it because the machine only accepts dimes. There are no suspects in this investigation.


A feminine napkin dispenser installed in the Lower Waterman women restroom on March 18 was broken into and robbed of about 20 to 30 tampons between noon and 1:30 p.m. the same day. There were pry marks on the dispenser machine. The surveillance camera in the Student Activities Center was then out of order and unable to provide video evidence of any suspects.


Posted: 03/16/2015


A female student reported a stolen iPod to Officer Moug on Feb. 9 around 8 p.m. The student left her silver, $400 iPod on a table in the middle of the student activities room, where a cell phone was reported stolen about 40 minutes prior to the student reporting the item stolen. She originally said her iPod went missing between the hours of 11:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. when she was at the gym. She later changed her story and stated that she and her friend on the basketball team plugged the iPod in around 1 or 2 p.m., she high-fived her friends and then left.


In the afternoon of Feb. 24, CPA officers were requested in the Lower Waterman. There was indication of a heated discussion between two students over a game of ping-pong that resulted in a verbal confrontation and a push. The complainant stated he was threatened during an argument that resulted from the game, to which he tried to calm the suspect down by patting him on the shoulder. After, the suspect threatened physical harm, the complainant then pushed the perpetrator away in self-defense while putting his fists up to defend himself. After reviewing a written statement from both students and video of the incident, CPA officers determined that the complainant’s story was true.


At 10:40 a.m. on Feb. 17, someone reported graffiti found in the McDowell Center’s north stairwell. Upon further review of video in the stairwell a male student was identified as a suspect. Officers later recognized the suspect in the Henry’s Cafeteria where they questioned him about the incident. He admitted to drawing the graffiti that said “Kyrie” with skull symbols. He also admitted to doing this in several other locations because it was paying homage to his friend that committed suicide. He then asked the officer, “This kind of stuff happens all the time, right?” The officer then replied that it did not happen all the time and the vast majority of students are adults who appreciate learning and a clean environment. All of the graffiti was removed except for in the stairwell where the door must be repainted to correct the graffiti.


Posted: 02/23/2015


Campus Police Authority (CPA) received reports of a strong marijuana smell in the north stairwell of the McDowell Building between 6:50 and 7:30 a.m. on Jan. 14. When camera footage in the building was reviewed, a subject was entering the stairwell from the second floor and staying within the stairwell for approximately four minutes. A clear photo of the suspect was produced from footage and CPA officers kept an eye out for the subject. On Friday, Jan. 16, a CPA officer was patrolling the McDowell Center on foot and smelled burnt marijuana in the east stairwell. However, no one was seen in that area. When footage of the doors leading to the stairwell was reviewed, it was revealed that a subject was seen entering the east stairwell at 7:33 a.m. Two additional reports of a marijuana smell were made on Jan. 17 and again on Jan. 20 in the McDowell Center. At around 7:40 a.m. on Jan. 22, a CPA officer was patroling the east stairwell of the McDowell Center from the second floor and noticed someone sitting close to the bottom of the stairs. The CPA officer entered the stairwell and after immediately smelling burnt marijuana, arrested the subject who was in possession of both marijuana and a marijuana pipe. The suspect had been turned over to the Livonia Police Department.


On Jan. 14, at approximately 3 p.m., a complainant notified the CPA that the catalytic converter on his car was stolen. When the officer went to investigate the car, the officer noticed fresh cut marks on the exhaust pipe where the converter had formerly been located. The victim said he arrived at the college at 1:20 p.m. Half an hour later, he returned and didn’t notice anything wrong with the car. When the plaintiff started his car at 2:35, he noticed it was louder than normal. He then inspected the vehicle and noticed the catalytic converter was missing. The responding CPA officer asked the victim to move his car to search for evidence such as metal shavings or pieces. No such evidence was found during the inspection. When video footage of the parking lot captured between 1:20 and 2:35 p.m. was reviewed, the footage was inconclusive.


On the evening of Jan. 20, a Schoolcraft employee was waiting for CPA officers to respond to a call in the Liberal Arts building. The complainant informed the officers that he left his brown jacket, containing his wallet and car keys, in the Men’s faculty restroom at 6:30 p.m. At 9:05 p.m., the employee returned to the bathroom, realizing he left his jacket, keys and wallet there. Although the man’s jacket was still hanging in the bathroom, his wallet and keys were missing.

The next day, camera footage of the LA building was reviewed, and a young, AfricanAmerican man wearing a black jacket, blue jeans, and brown boots, who is not a documented employee of the college, was seen entering the bathroom at 6:55 p.m. The man was seen entering the bathroom three times within a 30 minute window.

Just before 7 p.m. on Jan. 22, CPA officers met up with a person fitting the description of the person of interest from Jan. 20. The officers asked the suspect to provide ID, which the suspect was unable to do. However, he did provide his name, address and date of birth. When the suspect was asked if he stole a wallet and keys out of a brown jacket two days earlier, he confessed to stealing some money. He also admitted to throwing the wallet and keys into a waste basket in the restroom.

CPA officers later found out the man had three outstanding warrants for traffic violations in Detroit and Warren and had a suspended driver’s license. It was eventually confirmed that the perpetrator was a registered student at Schoolcraft.


Posted: 02/09/2015



On Dec. 17, a customer broke store merchandise and ran from the Bookstore. Inspecting the problem, the Bookstore employee witness, indicated that a student had been in the store selling used textbooks back at the buy-back counter. The witness stated the student had two small children. They described that a small boy who was one of the children, about four years old, had accidentally broken a mug that was for sale. The price of the mug was $3.99. Later on, when the witness approached the children and the student informing them that they have to pay for the mug, the student ran from the counter and exited the store. Other bookstore employees reported that while running, the student called for the child to hurry up. Both children were gone upon police arrival.


A school project, which had four tires on it, was made from two multi-color mountain bikes that were cut up and welded together. On Dec. 4, a complainant, who is a student at Schoolcraft College, stated that they had gone to pick up the project. However, upon arrival, the project was missing. The student asked the instructor who the advisor was, but the instructor did not know. The student later checked various buildings and locked storages on campus, but could not locate the property. They said that it might have been a mistake where someone could have thought the project was scrap and removed it from its location. The SCPA was contacted and advised of the incident.


On Tuesday, Jan. 27, a Schoolcraft student released pepper spray in the Lower Waterman of the VisTaTech Center. The area was quickly evacuated and the SCPA and the Livonia Fire & Rescue Department were called. Although there were no injuries reported, one student was treated by paramedics on the scene. The student in question said they did not mean to cause any harm, saying there was a small amount released, “to see how far it would go.”