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I’ve never been a fan of writing about myself so let’s rip this Band-Aid off and get into it.
My name is Matthew Fular and I am the Editor-in-Chief for the Schoolcraft Connection. I’m full of jumbled yet diverse knowledge and I strike a mostly healthy balance between cynicism and idealism. Sarcasm is my first language and I believe life without laughter is just another Shakespearian tragedy. If I am not reading or doing homework, I’m stressing out over the unrealistic expectations I place on myself. In summation, I’m an average college student.
My passion for writing stems from my passion for reading. Reading has always been a form of escape, a coping mechanism of sorts. I believe reading is one of the best ways to obtain information and writing is one of the best ways to deliver it. That way of thinking led me to pursue a position on the Connection and the rest is history.
I am currently pursuing a degree in chemical engineering. I hope to break the stereotype of engineers being poor communicators during my time on the paper, which remains to be seen. In my ideal world, I will be sending my regards to friends and family from Stanford University or MIT this time next year pursuing my end goal of a doctorate in chemical engineering and a career at NASA.
If you’re still here, Dear Reader, I personally thank you for your time. I would like to leave you with a quote from one of my favorite fictional teachers from the “Dead Poets Society” movie. John Keating, played by Robin Williams, tells his class, “When you read, don’t just consider what the author thinks, consider what you think.” I strive to do this with everything I read and I hope you do too. Here’s to a great year!
You can email Matt at [email protected]
madison ling
Hello again, readers! I’m thrilled to be returning for another year with our student newspaper as Managing Editor. This publication has been the greatest blessing for my college career and my personal growth. Through the Connection, I have learned useful articulation tools to discuss various topics, some of interest and others merely of importance, to engage readers. As Managing Editor, I am privileged to do all of the tasks that I have thoroughly enjoyed since becoming an editor. This includes writing, helping staff to improve their craft and creating memories with the greatest friends I’ve ever known.
As a student, I continue to pursue my Associates in Science and my Nurse Assisting certification. My ultimate goals are to earn my bachelor’s in Biology from Wayne State University and to attend their medical school to become a physician. In addition to my academic pursuits, I also volunteer at a local nursing home and hospice to develop my interpersonal skills as a future healthcare provider.
Many might assume that because I was born with a condition known as “Spina Bifida,” that medicine would be the obvious and automatic career choice. Interestingly enough, this was not always the case. I originally wanted to pursue journalism, but it was after another blessing in disguise altered my life’s path and coming to Schoolcraft that I decided to live the dream here.
This odd blessing was a life-threatening infection called “Necrotizing Fasciitis” and it led to having 6 surgeries, two years of attempting to heal an open wound and my greatest miracle: My medical team. My nurses and doctors didn’t only save my life, they changed it for the better. Almost five years later, I still hold every memory close and feel the ghost of every healing touch. I use those times and their presence as motivation to climb this academic Mount Everest. Now, my most sincere goal is to follow in their footsteps and heal others too. Until I reach my summit, I continue to live the dream at Schoolcraft College and grow alongside other Ocelots.
You can email Madison at [email protected]
ben bolstrum
You have a piece of paper in front of you. It’s blank, fresh out of the pack, never before used. Whatever you write on this paper will be immortalized forever throughout all of history.
What do you write?
I ask myself this question every time I dedicate words to a page whether it’s for the Connection or not. The following words will be the most important I’ve ever written. Not only due to their outreach but because this is my mission statement as a writer and hopefully emblematic of my character. So maybe I’m being a little melodramatic… OK fine, very melodramatic, but I prefer optimistic. I’m a writer, what am I without a bit of pretension?
So anyways, howdy, hey, hello. My name’s Ben. I put words on paper or screens for you, Dear Reader, to read. What a concept, right? But here’s the thing: I come from a place of privilege. We live in the digital age. The once daunting task of becoming a writer has never been simpler. On top of that, I write these words during a worldwide pandemic in the safety of my own home. If that weren’t enough, one of the biggest civil rights events since the inception of the movement itself is happening and I’m not affected by it solely because of the color of my skin. So yeah. Privilege.
What do you do when you have too much of something? You use it. I have this platform for which I can use to give a voice to people who need it, so here’s what we’re going to do. I don’t have to feel represented because all I’ve ever been is represented. I will use my position to tell the stories that don’t get told. I’m a storyteller, it’s what I do. I’ll weaponize my privilege to elevate any voice that deserves to be heard. Minority, woman, gay, trans and so many more. I’m going to get your story told. Hold me accountable and together, you and me, this little reader-writer partnership thing we have here, maybe we can make something beautiful together.
You can email Ben at [email protected]

Kevin O’Neil

Arts & Entertainment Editor
[email protected]
Of my many names, most people refer to me as Kevin. And just like last year, I am contractually obligated to introduce myself to you. I apologize in advance.
During my last introduction, I justified my decision to be a part of the Connection because of my passion for writing, my need for personal growth, my love of literature and blah blah and blah. While those points are about as present and valid as they were before, what really stands out this time – on why I’m returning – is because I am needed. This isn’t me just inflating my ego, believe me, I’ll let you know if I ever grow one. What I mean is that I knew that with our quarantine summer coming along that an influx of new students would be rather small, so I considered it no trouble tossing my hat back into the ring, whether or not the team would have me back. That, and I’ve enjoyed my time here.
If you’d like to get an idea of my personality, try to imagine a strange cross between these aesthetics: an early-summer backyard bonfire with s’mores and fireflies and such, though it’s small and quiet, not more than five friends together; long, late-night drives on empty freeways with loud, slow music; and half-remembered dreams from two nights ago about old friends whose faces are fading into imaginary memories.
Just as before, I’m attending Schoolcraft so I can transfer to a university and earn a degree aimed in the general direction of journalism, creative writing, nonprofits, computer science, or whatever interests of mine I can cram into a single box. If income wasn’t a thing to worry about, I’d be involved in book writing, activism and charity work. Though in present times I’ll do my best to give the most hot-n’-spicy Arts and Entertainment content I can muster.
You can email Kevin at [email protected]

armando bio pic
So the bosses are making me write again, how lucky for us that you get to read another bio from me. I should introduce myself first just like every other time, I am Armando Saucedo, I once was the lead videographer for The Connection and manager of the YouTube channel. As of a few ago, though, I am the multimedia editor for The Connection. That means that I help manage all of the stuff that goes online, like the videos on YouTube as well as the stories on the website and even the posts on social media, it’s a pretty big step up from what I was doing before. So, in the past, I told you my life story, and I told you how music changed me to be a better person, so what do I talk about now?
I think I have an idea.
As humans, we have an instinct to communicate with each other, we have a need to be together. Right now, I am writing this when the stay home order is being slowly lifted in Michigan. It’s very weird to stay that after all of this time in my house, I feel as if I don’t want to leave. Of course, I think that I am in the minority when I say that because of what I said earlier about instinct, but after May passed, I realized that once I step outside, the world that I am living in will have changed, and I do not know what it’s going to be like.
I have said this to anyone that is willing to hear; this year of our Lord, 2020 is a year of dramatic change.
What is that change going to be once I step out of my door, you ask?
That’s a very good question, I feel like I had a good idea as to what it would be at the beginning of the year, now I have no clue. I can only hope that it is going to be for the better.
Whether or not the future will be better will not only be up to me but to everyone, including the reader. From writing this story I have put in a lot of thought into whether or not I can face uncertainty for the future, I found that I just need to follow my instincts.
You can email Armando at [email protected]

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