Meet The Staff

Chantele_Fox_HeadshotBenny Fox







When we meet someone
for the first time, we are
often asked to tell them
something about ourselves.
For all intensive purposes,
my intention is just to give
you a glimpse as to who I
am as a person and what
I do for the Schoolcraft
My name is Chantele Fox
and I am the current Editorin-Chief of the Schoolcraft
Connection, although this
is not where my journey
began. I started with the
Connection as a staff writer
which transitioned into
the News Editor position,
until finally becoming the
Editor-in-Chief. While I
have a passion for writing
and helping others enhance
their writing and leadership
skills, my ultimate goal is
to become a kindergarten
teacher. I have recently
graduated with an Associate
of Liberal Arts degree
and I am currently in the
process of completing my
Associate of Early Childhood
Education, after which I
will transfer to Eastern
Michigan University to
complete my degree in
Elementary Education with
an endorsement in Early
Childhood Education.
While I do spend a lot of
time focused on school and
work, I have hobbies and
interests outside of those
areas. I am very involved
with my church, serving on
two ministries and will begin
a bible study course called
Walking with Purpose in the
next few weeks. I also have
three dogs named Captain
(as in Captain America),
Snickers and Watson
(in reference to Sherlock
Holmes and Watson) whom I
love very much and I spend
as much time as I can with
my family and friends.
Some of my hobbies include
reading, crafting and
spending as much time as I
can outdoors.
Something that many of
the people who know me
will tell you is that I am very
much into environmental
sustainability and
awareness. I have such a
deep passion for the ocean,
trees and all wildlife that
inhabit those areas of the
earth and I truly try to do
as much as I can to help.
As the year progresses, you
will probably read some of
my editorial pieces which
will focus on some aspect of
the environmental or issue.
I am even hoping to add a
section on the Schoolcraft
Connection website called,
Environmental Edge, which
will have a new column
every two weeks focusing
on s specific issue related to
After many years of
changing careers and
majors, I have found my
path of becoming a teacher.
I truly believe that we can
all contribute to making a
difference somewhere in the
world, regardless of major
or career choice. If I can
say one piece of advice to
anyone reading this, listen
to your heart and follow
what you love.
In the famous words of Dr.
Seuss, author of the book
titled “The Lorax,” “Unless
someone like you cares an
awful lot… it’s not going to
get better. It’s not.”