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Of my many names, most people refer to me as Kevin. And just like last year, I am contractually obligated to introduce myself to you. I apologize in advance.

During my last introduction, I justified my decision to be a part of the Connection because of my passion for writing, my need for personal growth, my love of literature and blah blah and blah. While those points are about as present and valid as they were before, what really stands out this time - on why I’m returning - is because I am needed. This isn’t me just inflating my ego, believe me, I’ll let you know if I ever grow one. What I mean is that I knew that with our quarantine summer coming along that an influx of new students would be rather small, so I considered it no trouble tossing my hat back into the ring, whether or not the team would have me back. That, and I’ve enjoyed my time here.

If you’d like to get an idea of my personality, try to imagine a strange cross between these aesthetics: an early-summer backyard bonfire with s’mores and fireflies and such, though it’s small and quiet, not more than five friends together; long, late-night drives on empty freeways with loud, slow music; and half-remembered dreams from two nights ago about old friends whose faces are fading into imaginary memories.

Just as before, I’m attending Schoolcraft so I can transfer to a university and earn a degree aimed in the general direction of journalism, creative writing, nonprofits, computer science, or whatever interests of mine I can cram into a single box. If income wasn’t a thing to worry about, I’d be involved in book writing, activism and charity work. Though in present times I’ll do my best to give the most hot-n’-spicy Arts and Entertainment content I can muster

You can contact Kevin at

Kevin O'Neil, A&E Editor

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