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There’s more to our future than just the GDP by Josiah Thomas, Campus Life Editor The United States is wealthier now than it has ever been, but it isn’t happier. The economy has seen extraordinary growth over the last forty years with a threefold increase in the GDP. Moreover, Americans’ socioeconomic strata, material living standards, […]

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“Lethal League Blaze” gives a fun, original fighting experience by Josiah Thomas, Campus Life Editor 8/10 Reviewed on PC If you like fighting games but think that they’ve gotten redundant, your savior has arrived. Imagine a hybrid of the cel shaded Jet Set Radio, a 2-D tournament fighter and a game of baseball all sharing […]

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by Josiah Thomas, Campus Life Editor Toys for Tots Now to Dec. 10 Help a child in need this holiday season. Donate by placing new, unwrapped toys in boxes located at Biomedical Technology Center, Forum, Applied Sciences, Bookstore, Physical Education, Jeffress Center, Liberal Arts, or McDowell Center on campus. Participants can also drop off toys […]

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