Schoolcraft Connection

2020-2021 Staff

Matthew Fular


I’ve never been a fan of writing about myself so let’s rip this band-aid off and get into it. My name is Matthew Fular and I am the Editor-in-Chief for the Schoolcraft Connection. I’m full of jumbled yet diverse knowledge...

Madison Ling

Managing Editor

Hello again, readers! I’m thrilled to be returning for another year with our student newspaper as Managing Editor. This publication has been the greatest blessing for my college career and my personal growth. Through the C...

Kevin O’Neil

A&E Editor

Of my many names, most people refer to me as Kevin. And just like last year, I am contractually obligated to introduce myself to you. I apologize in advance. During my last introduction, I justified my decision to be a part...

Armando Saucedo

Multimedia Editor

So the bosses are making me write again, how lucky for us that you get to read another bio from me. I should introduce myself first just like every other time, I am Armando Saucedo, I once was the lead videographer for The Connection...

Clarisa Russenberger

Club Correspondent

Clarisa served as the Photo Editor and Managing Editor for the Connection from 2019-2020. Now, Clarisa serves as Schoolcraft's Student Activities Board President. This year she works with the paper as a correspondent, helping...

Ben Bolstrum

News Editor

You have a piece of paper in front of you. It’s blank, fresh out of the pack, never before used. Whatever you write on this paper will be immortalized forever throughout all of history. What do you write? I ask myself this question...

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