Schoolcraft Connection

2020-2021 Staff


Matthew Fular

My name is Matthew Fular and I am the Editor-in-Chief for the Schoolcraft Connection for 2020-2021. I’m full of jumbled yet diverse knowledge and I strike a mostly healthy balance between cynicism and idealism. Sarcasm is my...

Managing Editor

Ben Bolstrum

Howdy, hey, hello. My name’s Ben Bolstrum, nice to meet you. I put words on paper or screens for you, Dear Reader, to read. What a concept, right? So how do you use a platform for good? The following words will be the...

Campus Life Editor

Madison Ling

So, we meet again or possibly for the first time... Either way, hello and welcome to the Connection’s domain. I’m the one and only Madison Ling, who can be contacted at [email protected] As first of my name, I have the...

A&E Editor

Vae O’Neil

Well hi there, my name is Vae. My pronouns are They/Them. I’m now well into my second year at Schoolcraft, where I’ve so far settled nicely into my own personality and identity, two things I’ve never had the pleasure of...

Multimedia Editor

Armando Saucedo

So the bosses are making me write again, how lucky for us that you get to read another bio from me. I should introduce myself first just like every other time, I am Armando Saucedo, I once was the lead videographer for The Connection...

Social Media Manager

Vanessa Vadasy

Hey everyone! My name is Vanessa Vadasy, and I am the Social Media Manager for the Schoolcraft Connection Student Newspaper. As a newly added team member, it is my job to update and engage with the staff, students, and alumni...

Production Artist

Matt Karbownik

Hello everyone, if you don’t know me already, my name is Matthew Karbownik. My current role on the newspaper is Production Artist, aka a graphic designer as I like to call it. I also occasionally take part in writing stories...

Video Production Club President

Alexis Gibson

Hello, my name is Alexis Gibson. I am the President of the Video Productions Club for 2020-2021. I’m happy to work alongside the Schoolcraft Connection team this year. The team is absolutely amazing and go above and beyond to...

Club Correspondent

Clarisa Russenberger

Clarisa served as the Photo Editor and Managing Editor for the Connection from 2019-2020. Now, Clarisa serves as Schoolcraft's Student Activities Board President. This year she works with the paper as a correspondent, helping...

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