A catalyst for change

Back in June, Blackboard announced their annual Catalyst Award winners, recognizing and honoring excellence amongst their global community. Schoolcraft was one of the colleges and universities recognized in their 15th annual award ceremony. Placing in the “Optimizing Student Experience” category, Schoolcraft was one of three institutions recognized by the educational platform. Also winning in the category, the University of Edinburgh located in the United Kingdom and the College of Western Idaho.

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Signs of change

When driving down Telegraph Road, South of I-96, drivers are greeted by a grim billboard. The message reads: “Driving while black? Racial profiling just ahead. Welcome to Livonia.” Rumors have long been whispered of racial tension within the city. It holds the dark reputation of being a “sundown town” from the 1920s to the 1960s. Within this time period, black people were not welcomed into the city limits after nightfall under the threat of violence. With such a notorious past, this sign has swept the small city of Livonia up into a grisly controversy.

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End of an era

As the end of July approaches, the curtain is closing for Schoolcraft College’s fourth President, Dr. Conway A. Jeffress. With 19 years of service as president and close to four decades with the college, much has changed since Dr. Jeffress first came to Schoolcraft.

The time he has spent with the college resulted in many expansions and plenty of recognition and accomplishments. Arguably his most prominent impact at Schoolcraft came in the form of personal connections he built with students and the community, both of which are immeasurable.

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Au revoir, Dr. Conway A. Jeffress

Dr. Conway A. Jeffress is soon leaving Schoolcraft’s presidential office and ending his professional career for a new chapter of life: retirement.

While Jeffress has held this position for the better part of the last two decades, he was still employed at Schoolcraft for a number of years before climbing the professional ladder. In honor and appreciation for his time at Schoolcraft, the Connection has decided to write him a farewell letter to recognize and thank him for his years of faithful service to our college and support of the Schoolcraft Connection.

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Sweet 16

The Guide to Online Schools (GOS) released the 2020 Best Online Community Colleges in Michigan list in May, and Schoolcraft was in their rankings.

Competing against 31 other community colleges in the state, Schoolcraft sits in the 16th slot on the list.

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Mission accomplished

Nearly two months later then anticipated, the Schoolcraft police and fire academies finished their training July 2.

Like all courses, the academies were required to cease inperson operation in accordance with the stay-at-home order that came in late March. Both academies had to wait for clearance to resume on campus training.

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Running on empty

No one has ever heard of a blood surplus, simply because blood is something used in every hospital across America on a daily basis.

The pandemic has proved the enemy of making sure our available blood supply remains dangerously low in a time of great need. Since the beginning of COVID-19, over 3,000 blood drives have been canceled. The result of the cancellations has cost an estimated 60,000 units of blood to be lost over a four-month period.

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Perseverance and passion

Rejection is a universal concept that can be difficult to deal with. That’s what makes Tottianna Bushell’s accomplishment so impressive.

After experiencing 2 dismissals over two years, the Schoolcraft alumnus continued to hold out hope. Now, Bushell has finally been accepted into the highly selective University of Michigan’s Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP).

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Starting from behind

For many, education is a way to climb the socioeconomic ladder. With post-secondary education providing opportunities and pathways that are usually unavailable to those who only have a high school diploma, the cost of attending college tends to be a worthwhile investment for many. Now as America stands on the ledge of severe economic collapse, recent college graduates may not see a return on their educational investment for some time.

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Digital revolution

America’s first industrial revolution began in 1790, with technology so primitive it makes you wonder how we have gotten to the point where we can walk around with a device that has computing capabilities that have far surpassing the first computers ever made. Now in the midst of a pandemic and the era dubbed the “Information Age,” America may once again see a revolution with a focus on digital connections.

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Overcoming Ocelots

When Schoolcraft College was left with no choice but to shut down the college to ensure the safety of students, staff and faculty, many wondered how support services like the Student Food Pantry would operate and continue giving to those who expressed their need for assistance. Our community can rest assured and well-nourished because of the assistance that took place June 26, to prove the notion that although we may be away from our home campus, the ocelot spirit will always prevail.

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International intellect

The International Agenda is a semiannual featured magazine produced by Schoolcraft College with the assistance of writing and art submissions from students. Each year a theme is chosen for the publication to cover in varying respects. Every issue comes with a writing and art contest that deals with international problems and concepts, with the most recent issue having been released and the winners revealed.

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Best practices

  If you missed Dr. Boyd’s Presentation on Best Practices for Community Policing you can view the entire presentation at the zoom link below. https://zoom.us/rec/share/6P02AOHZ8WlIb7PDtVvVW_N-JdjiT6a8gSRI_vBfz03vhx1LwkLyYN207nLwzN-1 Password: 1d!19wuV ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Community policing presentation to take place June 25 by Matthew Fular | Editor-in-Chief Photo courtesy newhaven.edu In recent weeks, tensions between law enforcement and the communities they […]

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Prizes for passion

This year’s Kehrl winners for English, Science, Communication and Art have been selected and awarded their prize of $925, with the exception of the Pythagorean Prize winners receiving different amounts based on their placement in the competition. These awards are given out each year under the selection of faculty in each department and their own separate qualifying criteria.

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Simulation makes perfect

July 1 is traditionally when medical residents or physicians-in-training begin the first of multiple rotations in their journey to becoming fully licensed and independent healers. In preparation for this nationwide start line, Schoolcraft’s Nursing department is gearing up to train Emergency and Internal Medicine residents from St. Mary Mercy hospital and all residents from Garden City Hospital (GCH). These doctors of tomorrow will be able to use the Biomedical Technology Center’s recently updated simulation lab June 24, 26, and 30 with Emergency Medicine taking the first block, Garden City the second and Internal Medicine sliding into the final training slot.

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Home sweet home

Since mid-March Schoolcraft’s academic practices were turned upside down by the COVID-19 pandemic. As the virus began to spread like wildfire, the decision to move classes to a remote setting was made by the college’s administration and Michigan’s Governor, Gretchen Whitmer. The shift to online was in compliance with the recently lifted “Stay Home, Stay Safe” Executive Order. This proved complicated for many of our specialized courses, including but not limited to the culinary arts, manufacturing, metallurgy and most notably our nursing program.

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