Not your average study group


Exam-A-Rama set to help students with finals

By Tessa Valentini, Staff Writer

Final exams are the hardest part of any semester. Students are under constant stress to perform well on the exams to get the desired grade. Well, stress no more, Exam-A-Rama is coming to help.
On April 20 from 8 p.m. to midnight and April 21-22 from 12-4 p.m. Exam-A-Rama will be hitting Schoolcraft’s campus. The Learning Assistance Center (LAC) encourages students to come and receive free help with their final exam review packets.
Exam-A-Rama debuted in 1994-1995 when then student Terri Lamb was working in the LAC as a tutor and realized that there was no help the week before finals. Lamb brought the idea to her supervisor and Exam-A-Rama was born. Over the years, Exam-A-Rama grew and grew, what started out at just one table with a few students is now multiple rooms with hundreds.
There are several different ways Exam-A-Rama will be able to assist students with whatever studying needs they may have.
“Exam-A-Rama helped me understand any unanswered questions I had. I went for Math last year and the tutor working through the packet helped me to understand how to work the problems in a way my teacher couldn’t,” said student Monica Hubahib.
The LAC offers, “structured final exam reviews” which is for students from classes that have a departmental review packet. The session will be held in a class like setting with one tutor teaching a small or large group of students. Question and answer sessions will also be available for students from classes without a departmental final review. These will run as a drop-in tutoring session with one tutor per one student to help answer any questions. Live session webinars will be held for students who cannot make the trip to Exam-A-Rama. The decision for which sessions will be webinars has not yet been made but students can visit to receive more information about the live webinars.
“The exam review sessions will give students the chance to clear up any unanswered questions or confusion before the exam. It is an extra study session that many students need to help prepare them for their final exam. Math problems are explained in an easy and straightforward manner. What is better than that?” said LAC Program Assistant Noor Charara.
The LAC will have sessions available for students in math, biology, chemistry, physics, and accounting classes available at Exam-A-Rama. Generally, around 250-300 students attend Exam-A-Rama each semester with Math 053 and 113 being the most attended. Exam-A-Rama is completely run by the LAC and the student tutors; no professors are involved.
“Exam-A-Rama is great for students who are studying for their final exams. It helps to answer those last minute questions. They should already been working on their final exam review packet, but anything that they are having trouble with or can’t answer they can come in and the tutors will work through the problems with them. We’ve been doing this for many years and overwhelmingly the students love Exam-A-Rama, it is one of the most popular things we do in the LAC,” said Academic Success Coach and Mathematics Learning Specialist Terri Lamb.
Exam-A-Rama is a great way to get last minute help with final reviews and questions. There is no cost to attend and popcorn and beverages will be available for students.
For more information, call the LAC at (734) 462-4436 or visit during the Fall and Winter semester hours: Monday through Thursday 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., and Saturday 12 p.m. to 4 p.m.
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