Un-news-ual News

Things that make you go, “Huh”


Lauren Engelhardt, Staff Writer

Garbage Resurrection 
Ever throw away something that you did not want anymore? Well imagine if the trash never went to the incinerator. Former garbage man, Nelson Molina, has collected more than 50,000 pieces of trash while employed under the New York Department of Sanitation.
In a video shown by NBC news, Molina cleaned and organized each piece in his garage, making the garage look like a museum of junk. Molina used a tool to detect what was inside the garbage bags and would grab various pieces for his collection. This really seems to be a case of one man’s junk is another man’s treasure.
Fast and Furious Under The Influence 
In Santa Ana, California, two men went on a wild ride. The driver, whose judgment was impaired due to the use of narcotics, soared off a median divider and went airborne into a second-floor dental office.
The car was lodged in the building as the police and rescue workers responded to the scene of the accident. The accident was attributed to a dirt mound in the median when the police investigated the accident. Luckily, both passengers only sustained minor injuries while the driver received a DUI.
Owls Go Crazy 
In Atlanta, there have been recent owl attacks beginning in late December. According to an article from Fox News, there have been three instances of owl attacks on civilians and their beloved pets.
The first attack killed a Yorkie when the dog ended up with puncture wounds on the back and chest. The next owl attack knocked down a woman and scratched her leg after attacking her Dachshund. The third, and hopefully last, attack cut a man’s head as he was leaving his town house.
According to Atlanta Audubon Society representative, Adam Beteul, while owl attacks are rare, the recent cold weather might have made the owls more aggressive.
The Return of The Mad Pooper
After heavy media press on the “Mad Pooper” in Colorado Springs, another monster has surfaced in Orchard Park, New York. Numerous homeowners have reported finding human feces on their lawns, according to an article from Mashable.
The community will not tolerate a reboot of this sick trend; one of the members has even put an ad in the Orchard Park PennySaver to find the person responsible. The ad also states the homeowner has installed trail cams around the neighborhood to catch the copycat once and for all!
With a citation already going down on the copycat’s record, the individual will also be caught on camera, making the situation even more embarrassing.