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Asian Student Cultural Association to host Navratri Garba


Celebrate culture, tradition and dance on Oct. 18 in the VisaTech Center, from 6 p.m. to 11p.m. with Schoolcraft’s annual Navratri Garba celebration. This event, presented by the Asian Student Cultural Association, is open to all students and the general public. Tickets are currently on sale and can be purchased through the Student Activities Office located in the Lower Waterman of the VisTaTech Center or by calling (734) 462-4422. General public tickets are $15 in advance or $20 at the door. Current Schoolcraft students may purchase up to two tickets at the $10 student price. All of the proceeds from ticket sales will go to the Schoolcraft Student Food Pantry in order to help Schoolcraft students in need.

The Navaratri Garba is an exciting, culture-filled night of dancing. Many, as shown in the picture, wear traditional Indian attire.
The Navaratri Garba is an exciting, culture-filled night of dancing. Many, as shown in the picture, wear traditional Indian attire.

“It’s a night full of food, dancing and fun,” said Rachna Chandra, an entrepreneur, professor and fashion designer who has helped spearhead the event for over five years. “It’s an event where you can come, eat and enjoy.”

Navaratri essentially means nine nights, and Garba is a traditional form of dance. The combining of the words, Navratri Garba, comes together to mean a nine-night festival filled with dancing.

Navaratri is a celebration that pays homage to the Hindu deity Durga, a goddess usually depicted as a woman wearing red clothing. She has many arms, each holding an object, and is usually riding a tiger. The tale states that Durga was created to rid the world of evil spirits. It is a classic story of good overcoming evil, and because of what Navratri Garba represents, it is quickly becoming a worldwide event.

Attendees to this event will immerse themselves in an evening of Indian culture.

“You’ll learn a lot about Indian culture,” said Chandra. “People love to come and dress up in traditional Indian outfits, you’ll typically see the ladies wearing a blouse with a flowing skirt and scarf around their neck.”

Students interested in buying a traditional Indian outfit for this event should visit Taj Cottage, a boutique owned by Chandra located on Abbey Dr. in Novi. Students will be dazzled by a wide variety of beautiful garments and stunning colors, and any purchase comes with a complementary ticket to the event.

“I really love how Schoolcraft offers different cultural events,” said Schoolcraft student Shawna Brown. “It really helps promote an ethnically diverse campus. I’m really excited to attend.”

Catering will be provided by A Taste of India, an Indian cuisine restaurant located in downtown Ann Arbor. The event will have a buffet style layout with a variety of dishes.

“It’s always a packed house,” said Sumith Lakshmanar, who helped cater last year’s event. “You’ll see people laughing and dancing in circles with sticks; it’s a great time.”

There will be a live band playing traditional Indian music and different vendors selling items such as Indian clothing and jewelry. Anyone wanting to experience a bit of India for a night, eat great food and have a genuinely thrilling time is definitely not going to want to miss out on this event.

Make sure to mark your calendars for Oct. 17 from 7 p.m. to midnight for Navratri Garba and experience the celebration.