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Middle School College Night returns to campus

By Camyle Cryderman, Editor-in-Chief

It’s never too early to plan for the future, whether it be for further schooling, a career or

retirement, planning ahead allows for adamant time and preparation in order to carry out any

plan to the best of its abilities. Schoolcraft’s Middle School College Night (MSCN) gives local

eighth grade students this opportunity to plan ahead for college before they even start high


On March 8 from 4:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. local middle school students are invited to attend Middle

School College Night at Schoolcraft College. Located in the DiPonio room of the VisTaTech

Center, this free event has been an annual occurrence on campus for nearly 20 years. Offering

middle school students the opportunity to explore Michigan colleges and plans of study before

they begin high school gives them the chance to cater their whole high school career to benefit

them in their college future.

“MSCN helps eighth grade students better understand how the choices they make in high school

create options for college. Students learn important steps needed throughout high school to be

well prepared for college,” said Ann Couyoumjian, Schoolcraft Admissions Representative and

chairperson for the event.

While MSCN is aimed towards eighth grade students, it is open to the public, and anyone is

invited to attend. Many community colleges, public and private universities as well as trade

schools are represented at this event to give students a taste at all future opportunities. Some of

these representatives include University of Michigan, Lawrence Technological University,

College for Creative Studies and of course Schoolcraft College. There are hands on games and

activities to help students learn about all major programs of study from business to computer

design, as well as simulation activities from the nursing department and fire and police trucks

parked outside for students to explore.

While the possibilities of college will be exciting for students, the logistics of paying for the

future will be important to parents. Because of this, The State of Michigan Department of

Treasury is offering their presentation “How to pay for college” at 4:45, 5:30 and 6:15 p.m. at the


“Middle school students should be engaged in conversations about how to pay for college.  It is

beneficial for middle school students and their families to make financial plans for college.  The

State of Michigan also finances Dual Enrollment for high school students to take college classes

while in high school,” said Couyoumjian.

College advisors and local high school counselors will both be present at MSCN to help guide

students towards their future. Whether they are ready for dual enrollment, or hope to simply start

in basic classes, Middle School College Night gives students and parents the chance to explore

the future far before it happens.

There is no such thing as planning too far ahead when it comes to a professional future. Middle

School College night is the perfect event for young students to shape the success of their future

in high school and beyond.