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“Atlanta” is an instant hit on FX

By Dylan Randolph, Editor in Chief

Rating : 5/5

People around the world have seen that Donald Glover, mostly known as Childish Gambino in the music industry, has talents ranging from music to acting. When Glover made his acting debut in NBC’s “The Community” he showed the world that music was not his only talent. Fans raved over the shows humor and ever-changing storyline throughout its six seasons. However, when the show was cancelled on June 2, 2015 fans were devastated they wouldn’t be able to see Glover or any of the other cast members again. What the audience did not realize was that Glover was in the works on his very own TV series called “Atlanta.”

Airing on Sept. 6 on FX “Atlanta” opened with a car mirror being smashed by a black male and his girlfriend. However, he was greeted by “Paper Boi” Alfred Miles (Brian Henry) confronting him, saying that has car repairs would need to be paid for. After “Paper Boi” pulls a gun out on the individual “Paper Boi’s” cousin Earn (Donald Glover) and their pothead friend Darius (Keith Stanfield) intervene to de-escalate the situation. Once the opening credits finished the audience was truly introduced to the life of Earn. Earn works a dead end job to provide for his girlfriend and daughter with very little pay in the middle of Atlanta, Georgia. However, Earn has aspirations to become “Paper Boi’s” manager and finally make it big in the music industry.

From the first episode to the fifth, audiences are induced in the life of the three determined men in what many people call the “Home of Hip Hop.” Over the course of the episodes fans see what it is like for Earn to struggle with making a name for himself and his cousin while his cousin makes some extra money on the side selling drugs.

This artistically filmed show features many modern day rappers such as “Migos” a famous modern rap trio, who are portrayed as drug dealers that have transactions with “Paper Boi” and Darius. However, Glover has said that many other guest stars are set to show up throughout the rest of the season.

From the start of the show audiences are engulfed with laughter as Darius, “Paper Boi” and Earn embarked on ridiculous adventures to the gain of fame. Whether it is Darius handcuffing himself to a suitcase full of money for a drug deal or Earn and his girlfriend fighting over childish behaviors, fans are raving over the humor of “Atlanta.”

On the other hand, the show also features a very serious feeling. Throughout the show fans watch as Earn struggles to make money and maintain a healthy relationship with his girlfriend. His main motivation is to make a name for himself so he can provide for his newly born daughter, but is trumped by his girlfriend Vanessa (Zazie Beetz) shooting down every idea that he has.

Critics have called the show “unlike any other on television” “inspiring and artistic” and “the best show on television in years.” For anyone who wants to tune into “Atlanta,” the show airs every Tuesday night at 10 pm on FX.