Hugs for pugs

By Mikey Cebulski | Photo Editor

Stress in college seems to be inevitable. All students suffer from it, and there’s a variety of ways to deal with it. However, no way seems to be as straightforward as being in a room full of puppies…pugs, to be exact. Pug Luv made its annual return to the Lower Waterman of the VistaTech Center on Thursday  Oct. 20 afternoon, from 1-4. Students who were stressed out or that just wanted to be surrounded by adorable puppies were able to donate $3 to Pug Luv, and the students’ donations would go towards finding a loving forever home for the pups. The Michigan Pug Rescue (or Pug Luv) is composed completely of volunteers who receive zero compensation for their efforts to save these dogs. A variety of pugs, all shapes and sizes, were brought onto Schoolcraft’s campus in hopes of finding a loving owner. If you are interested in meeting a potential pet, please visit: