Preparing for the Election

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The Connection’s tips on how to pick a candidate

By The Schoolcraft Connection Editorial Staff

Election season is a long, drawn out and sometimes incredibly irritating time of year. With the candidates being covered almost every second of the day in some new way it truly can cause one to want to lull over it all. Within all of the noise and yammering there is important information that voters need to know. When it comes down to it, making an educated vote on Nov. 8 is extremely important. Finding out who the true candidate is and deciding which one may be the best for the country can be accomplished in a few ways such as watching debates, researching and most importantly, actually going to vote.

When choosing which presidential candidate to vote for it is more important to look at the individual’s platform than to follow them on television. A candidate’s platform is their declared policy or group’s personal agenda. This is what each presidential nominee is going to do if they are elected to the oval office. If an undecided voter is interested in what every nominee’s opinion on all the issues are they can go to the website. It shows how Republican nominee Donald Trump, Democratic Nominee Hilary Clinton, Libertarian Nominee Gary Johnson and Green Party Nominee Jill Stein feel about all of the important political issues. This is a voters key to picking the best candidate based on how the person feels on the issues; not how they are looked in the media and from a nonbiased point of view.

Almost nothing is more important than fact checking when researching candidates. Fact checking gives one the background on each of the potential future presidents and allows one to create their own opinions on topics and how one feels about the candidate’s stances on them. No matter which side of the political spectrum one is on, fact checking what each candidate says is as simple as doing a few Google searches from notable sources.

Amongst the craziness of the season there are the biggest events for voters to look forward to, the debates. During these events people can watch the presidential candidates battle back and forth over the issues people truly care about that are plaguing the country (most of the time). Often times people who are undecided on whom to vote for will tune into these debates to influence their decision. Whether it is for economical, foreign or domestic issues audiences around the country tune in to see who they think will be fit enough to run the country.

Besides the candidates, the moderator is the most important figure in any given debate. They have the most difficult job; their job is to provide an all-around fair debate. Going into the debate, the moderator must be unbiased. This is to ensure to not favor one side more than the other. To provide for an honest atmosphere, the moderator must be quick to fact-check anything the candidates say that can be considered questionable.  However, their most arduous task is provide those a civil, friendly debate. This can be a tough job, but one that truly is important to keep things as guided for viewers as possible.

No matter what happens this election season the utmost important part is actually going to the polls on Nov. 8 and casting a vote for whomever one wants. If one does not know where they are supposed to go to vote there are specific posted areas based off of city addresses. This location they tell one when they first register, but that could have been months ago. Another way to find out is through websites such as, and Also calling the local Secretary of State is an option. Polls open at 7 a.m. and close at 8 p.m. on Election Day.

Whether one is undecided or just wants to fully know who their candidate is, remember to fact check, research multiple websites to get the best information and continue to stay informed. Each day counting down can bring new information, especially in this election that may change a vote at the last minute. Most importantly go out and vote, because that is the only way to have one’s voice truly heard because each vote does matter.