Journaling joys

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Preserving memories and peace of mind

By Mariam Ahmad Campus Life Editor

There are many different journaling activities that you can do besides just writing to express yourself. Doodling is the perfect way to decorate your journal, add to your own artwork, and relax. “Photo By Mariam Ahmad,Campus Life Editor.”
Have you ever just needed to let out some steam or feelings but ended up taking it out on someone close, then regretting it a while after? Or did you ever tell someone something personal in the heat of the moment but later on wished you hadn’t? I know I have. But I learned quickly that the best way to avoid all of this is by keeping a journal.

Almost everyone has been exposed to the world of journaling at least once in their life. Whether it was in the form of a secret diary or the entries that your teacher assigned in elementary and middle school.

But what you may not have realized are the benefits it brought.

To be honest, I decided to start a journal one evening after I bought a pack of pretty awesome stickers that I simply refused to waste on ordinary use. I wanted to use them in something that I could keep forever, so I went out that very same night and bought myself a journal.

I was well aware that my life wasn’t exciting enough to warrant daily personal entries, yet I sought to develop a habit of writing every single day.

I became committed to writing anything, from my thoughts and opinions on current events and global issues to random ideas and facts I would stumble upon on the internet. My goal has been to write something by the end of each night, and I initially made a rule that I wouldn’t include anything sad or negative in my journal.

That quickly turned out to be both a constructive and unconstructive thing. It helped me focus on the postive, but restricted an outlet for my negative energy.

So as time went on, I started ranting in my precious journal, which added true, human character to its content. At times when the feelings were only temporary, I would simply rip it out and throw the page away. I have found journaling to be incredibly beneficial as it has added significant meaning to my life while helping me realize what’s important as well as preserving memories.

Daily journaling is also a great way to improve your memory, writing and communication skills. According to Clinical Social Worker Maud Purcell at “Psych Central,” benefits of journaling include stress relief, improving problem-solving skills and resolving disagreements with others. Dr. Stephen Stosny of “Psychology Today” also explains how journaling helps an individual make sound decisions and act upon them as well as understand the perspectives of others that may differ from your own.

It’s also important to remember that journaling doesn’t just mean writing. Such expression can also be done through art, jokes or riddle, doodles and anything else that you are able to put down on paper as the possibilities are endless. Journal in any way that suits you, it will surely add a spark of pensive creativity to your life.