State of the College


Financial status at Schoolcraft College in question

By Christian Hollis, Editor-In-Chief

Dr. Jeffress, president of Schoolcraft College, will outline the Headlee amendment Override and its significance to Schoolcraft College. The State of the College is an important opportunity for students to stay informed and get involved on critical issues. (Image courtesy of Schoolcraft College)

Schoolcraft College invites students, faculty and staff to the State of the College on Feb. 22 from 4 to 5 p.m. in the Kehrl Auditorium VisTaTech Center. Dr. Jeffress, President of Schoolcraft College, will provide a general overview of the Headlee Override Initiative that the Board-of-Trustees will be voting on in March.

There will also be an in-depth financial analysis from Accounting Professor Michelle Randall and College Controller John Lamb, and Stacey Stover, Dean of Enrollment Services, will show students a new service provided to the community that seeks to register and remind residents to vote in elections.

Refreshments will be provided at the conclusion outside the auditorium.

Headlee Amendment

The Headlee Amendment was added to Michigan’s state constitution in 1978 and included provisions related to state and local taxes.

“This year, the college is operating with a $6 million deficit, using money from its fund balance to balance the budget.” said Frank Ruggirello Jr., Executive Director of Marketing and Advancement. “A Headlee Override would mean a $6.97 million increase for Schoolcraft in the first year.”

Randall and Lamb will go into detail at the State of the College event to compare Schoolcraft to other colleges in revenue and cost, and to show how the Headlee Override could help the college collect additional needed revenue.


To help get people out and vote, Schoolcraft has committed to a four year partnership with TurboVote, a non-partisan voter registration tool to help people register to vote. Stacey Stover, Dean of Enrollment Management, will explain to students how TurboVote can help people register to vote and make it easier to request absentee ballots.

TurboVote also sets reminders for national, state and local elections people are eligible to vote in.

“The State of the College provides students with a way to stay informed and involved in their College,” said Stover.

Students and faculty can sign up for TurboVote now at

Yes Committee

The Yes Committee will come to give opportunities to students who want to help with the Headlee Override Initiative.

In Issue 6 of Volume 31, Dr. Jeffress told the Schoolcraft Connection why it’s important for students support the Headlee Override, “It’s (the students’) future at stake. I think that’s why people should get behind it.”

For more information on the background of the Headlee Amendment, visit and read “What is the Headlee Amendment?” at