Ocelot Opinions

Ocelot Opinions

Interviews by Christian Hollis, Editor-in-Chief
Photos by Michael Rey, Staff Photographer

What is your favorite Winter Olympic sport?

Student 1.JPG

Abbey Clark
Major: Film
“Figure Skating because it’s pretty cool to watch.”

Student 2

Dominique Pacheco
Major: Small Business and Entrepreneurship
“Curling because they put a lot of practice and effort in everything they do.”

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Elliot Meadows
Major: Computer Graphics Technology
“Snowboarding because I did it before and it was pretty fun…Once I got used to it I’ve never fallen since.”

Student 4

Nicole Douglas
Major: Liberal Arts
“Ice skating because watching the way they are able to maneuver their routines around their outfits.”

Student 5

Matt Setsuda
Major: Earth Science
“Curling because it’s so different than the other sports. It’s got the funny guys with the brooms and it’s like this weird sport with skill.”

Student 6

Patricio McCarthy
Major: Psychology
“Snowboarding because I like snowboarding and I used to snowboard.”

Student 9

Brooke Fullington
Major: Elementary Education
“Ice skating because my mother was an ice skater. She was only ice skating before I was born.”

Student 7

Megan Hodges
Major: Business Administration
“Skiing, because it’s fast and kind of interesting.”

Student 10

Grace Horalek
Major: Education
“Bobsledding. I think it’s interesting to see everyone shoved into a tiny sled and go down a hill really fast.”