Question: Should marijuana be recreationally legalized?

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Kyle Cook

Major: Undecided

“I think it is a waste of taxpayer money to arrest people for possession.”


Amanda Wixon

Major: Undecided

“I think it should be allowed. People are gonna use it either way.”


Deaja Spicer

Major: Nursing

“I’m not for people using it recreationally but I understand the medical benefits towards it.”


Alyssa Bixby

Major: Undecided

“I’m all for it. I definitely think its a lot better than drinking alcohol.”


Sarah Jacobs

Major: Theatre

“If you aren’t hurting anyone, I don’t see the issue. They should release everyone in jail for it.”


James Zitnik

Major: Graphic Design

“I like the idea of it being decriminalized because it’s bull[crap] that people’s lives are being ruined. We need to listen to society.”