The right to free speech

Image from mediaconfidential

Compiled by the Schoolcraft Connection staff

A free press is the most important part of a democracy, and right now, the press has been continually attacked for doing such an integral job in the United States. With the constant doubt about credible news, people are easily and readily consuming the true “fake news” because of certain viewpoints, which is hurting the democracy in America when people are making falsely informed decisions.

When the President of the United States calls the press, “the enemy of the people”, he’s talking about us, regular citizens who just want to tell the truth. If the press can’t express how people are feeling on a widespread scale, then how will people see both sides of a situation and figure out where they stand?

If you the voter want to keep the right to free speech, you have to do better than this. Going with the way things are now is how a democracy dies. The right to free speech also comes with the responsibility to listen, which means that fake news needs to be challenged and exposed for the fraud that it is. It doesn’t mean appealing to the state (i.e. legislatures or the court) to shut people up. It means that we have to accept the uncomfortable challenge of changing the norms in the way we’re getting our news now. Do you want a free society or not?