Un-News-Ual News

Un-News-ual News

Compiled by Josiah Thomas, News Editor


Area 51 Raid Disappoints

This event, started as a joke, took place at Area 51, a highly classified USAF facility in Nevada. It was originally posted on Facebook June 27, 2019, where 2 million users were reported to be “going,” with 1.5 million others “interested.”

Despite the event’s satirical nature, it had an effect on businesses both in local Lincoln county and in Nevada statewide, resulting in packed hotels and increases in local businesses.

Only 40 people attended, according to NPR. Only one arrest was made at the event, not for trespassing but for public urination.


Football-Bowling Hybrid Sport Takes off in Hamtramck

The Detroit area can lay claim to a new hybrid sport: Fowling. Hamtramck resident Chris Hutt and his friends invented this sport while tailgating years ago at the Indianapolis 500 event.

Hutt owns a 34,000 square ft. facility which features 20 lanes, where players or teams try to be the first to knock down all 10 of their opponents’ bowling pins by tossing one football from a distance of up to 48 feet; the opponents, in turn, must do the same.

Simple as it sounds, it is described as difficult to master. Only 28 strikes have been achieved over the past +100,000 games played. Hutt, the sport’s inventor, is looking to expand his “fowling empire,” targeting major cities and college towns.


Farm Hosts Goat Yoga Class of 500 People

Florida farmers Debbie Canton, 56 and her husband Rob, 50 said more than 500 people and 110 goats are expected to participate in their attempt at a world record. Their farm, the Grady Goat Farm near Tampa Bay, is reporting full reservations as of this time, though they do have a waiting list.

This event is held as a fundraiser for the Global Offensive Against Trafficking, or “G.O.A.T.” This project opposes human trafficking and sexual exploitation of children. It is run by the farmer’s charity organization, the Grady Goat Foundation.