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Un-News-ual News

Complied by Josiah Thomas | News Editor


Academic Advice from Phil De Graves

Radboud University in the Netherlands offers students an opportunity to lie in a mock grave to cope with exam stress. According to a report by the Mirror, the founder of this exercise wants students to make students “appreciate their time on this earth a little more.” According to university students, this strange program has become so popular that a waiting list is in place to secure an early grave.

Canadian Man moves out… in a canoe

A teacher recently moved from his old home in Whitby, Ontario to Canada’s capital of Ottawa for a summer job. The teacher, John Konecny, accomplished this by packing all of the belongings he needed in a fiberglass canoe and set out in 2018 with his cargo, a paddle and a repurposed weed whacker used for extra propulsion, only recently completing this trip after a trek of nearly 250 miles.

This was done after failing to win a tax court case to cover his moving expenses, piling on thousands more in legal fees. Wanting to get around this problem, the judge from the tax court asked if he could move away using a canoe, Konecny replied that he could.

Upside-Down Christmas Trees

Whether to save floor space or to celebrate Christmas differently, an increasing number of people this year are opting for an upside-down approach to tree-trimming. This is done by inserting their Christmas trees upside-down into their Christmas tree stands, with an insert specially designed to hold the tree in place. According to a separate report by the Sun, as this trend has become more popular, more stores are selling upsidedown trees, with prices ranging from $25 to hundreds of dollars.