Ocelot Opinion: Who is your role model and why?

Ocelot Opinions

Interviews & Photos by De’Ernest Johnson & Armando Saucedo | Staff Writer & Videographer


Reena Siddiqui

Major: Engineering

“My mom cause she got an arranged marriage and went to school to get her masters while taking care of her kids.”


Carl Richards

Major: Undecided

“My uncle because he take of me most of my life and was super successful with his career choices.”


Yamille Hernandez

Major: Science

“Steve Erwin because he made me appreciate wild life and the environment he was also a great guy.”


Hunter Templin

Major: Undecided

“My step-dad because I had a rough childhood growing up and he came in and saved me so I want to make him proud.”


Everett Kremm

Major: Cyber Security

“Bill Gates and Steve Jobs because of my major mostly. Without their work I would not have one. They practically invented my major.”


Marvin Poindexter

Major: Graphic Design

“On a celebrity level, I have to say Big Sean, Chris Brown and Justin Bieber because they made me want to better myself as an inspiring artist no matter what I’ve been through.”