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Bounce back: Minor setback sets up major comeback

By Solae Pope-White, Staff Writer

After falling short to Wayne County Community College District on Feb. 16, 61-46, our team got back on the court and found a way to achieve a 70-47 victory against Henry Ford College (HFC) this past Wednesday.
One of our five starters, freshman Amanda Ward, expressed that “Everyone worked together to pull out this win. We did the little things together along with having fun.”
Nearly everyone Wednesday who touched the court gave their best effort against the Hawks of HFC. Our team was full of energy on and off the court. The bench made sure to cheer each other on and the players in the game worked in sync with each other to pull off this win.
The win really boosted the team’s moral and confidence as focus on our next opponent St. Clair County Community College (SC4) this Saturday, Feb. 23. The last time we met with SC4 we lost 70-62. However, as our team gets back into the “lab” this week we will continue to work on winning the 50/50 battles. Our team must realize that the little things can turn a game around completely.
Earlier this week our Head Coach Kara Kinzer, made our team focus on idea on effort. During practices our team was pushed with drills that consisted of digging deep and completing the play. After our loss to WCCD last week this was one of the things that our team fell short of. We did not take the extra mile with rebounds, loose balls or defensive commitments.
Being focused is a No. 1 priority as we advance to our game Saturday. We must not have spurts of doing the good things. It has to be consistent.
As playoffs near, the teams that we will be facing to end our conference bracket will definitely be the challenge that our team needs in order to prepare us for a deep playoff run.
We have the ability, talent, and commitment to do it but now it is just about putting the pieces in place and accomplishing it together.
Come cheer on our Lady Ocelots as they tipoff against St. Clair County Community College this Saturday, Feb. 23 at 1p.m. in the Schoolcraft Gym.
**Solae Pope-White is a freshman forward on the Women’s Basketball team**